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Bears Zones (emotional regulation)

Zones of Regulation is an approach used to support children to further develop their social and emotional skills.  Essentially, it helps pupils to better understand their feelings, as well as teaching strategies to aid them in regulating their emotions and behaviours.


Pupils are taught to associate their feelings (negative and positive) with a colour in the first instance and then use vocabulary to describe it e.g. 'I am feeling red' (for angry, mad, out of control) or 'I am feeling green' (for calm, ready to learn and happy).  The children also then develop a 'toolkit' whereby they have a strategy to use for specific feelings e.g. 'I am feeling red/angry, so I will go to the calm zone and read a book'.  


Every classroom is set up with a 'calming zone' where children can go to regulate their emotions and behaviours.  You may want to set up a 'bear zone' at home.  Below are some display resources you are welcome to use.

What do the zones look like in the classrooms?

Parent Workshop Presentation. If you missed the workshop, click below to find out more about the Zones of Regulation.