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The Grove Infant and Nursery School

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Our Curriculum Overview

The Grove Infant and Nursery School - Curriculum Intent

Learning to live and learn together harmoniously is the foundation that underpins all of our teaching.  We promote positive attitudes to learning, teaching co-operation, resilience and creative thinking as values necessary for future success.

Our curriculum is designed to be ambitious, to interest and challenge children, providing a wide range of stimuli and first hand experiences to engage and inspire our community of keen and willing learners. 

Teaching and learning is planned to meet the needs of all learners, including those with SEND.

Our curriculum emphasises the importance of early acquisition of essential reading skills, enabling children to use their developing skills to access knowledge in other subjects and develop independence and autonomy. 

Programmes of study across the curriculum are designed to progressively build skills and knowledge within all subject areas, whilst making links across the curriculum that allow children to revisit what they have learnt and apply their learning in different ways. 

We recognise the importance of teaching children about the diversity of modern British culture and the broader global community, celebrating and valuing difference in preparation for life beyond our school.