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Medicines in Schools

Medicines in School


School staff are only able to give children medicine if a form authorising them to do so has been completed by parents.  This is common sense, and is designed to make sure that there is no misunderstandings about what we are asked to do.


We have a detailed policy, based on national guidelines - 'Supporting Children with Medical Conditions'


Medicines for Long term Conditions

Some children need regular medicine, or have a condition such as asthma that means that medicine is kept in school and dispensed as and when it is needed.  Some medicines are stored in the classrooms, but when the threat to children’s health is potentially more serious – allergies for example – they are kept centrally so that any member of staff can get to them easily.  There are regular updates for all staff reminding them of which children in school fall into this category.

Staff training is organised annually for epipens, jext pens, inhalers etc – this ensures that everyone is reminded of their responsibilities, and the importance of sensible processes and procedures.


Medicines for an Illness

Sometimes it can be appropriate for staff to give antibiotics or other medicines in the middle of the day, and parents complete a form in order to give permission for staff to do this.  We often ask parents to call us and remind us to go and give the child the dose, as school life can be very busy and it is easy to miss specific timings! 


Please come and ask if you have any questions.

Supporting Children with Medical Conditions in School September 2023

Supporting Children with Medical Conditions - guidance

Individual Healthcare Plan for pupils with significant medical needs where emergency action may be required

Template B - parental consent for the administration of ANY medication