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Ofsted Outstanding in all areas - November 2023


Children make better progress if their learning is encouraged and reinforced at home.


For this reason we ask parents to help their child with simple tasks at home whenever the time is right for both of them.  Parents are asked to spend up to an hour a week helping their child.  From the beginning parents are asked to encourage their child's reading, by reinforcing new words, sharing books and listening to their child read to them.  This forges a relationship between home and school which gives positive messages to the child about the value of reading and learning in general.  Parents will also be asked to encourage their child with a mathematical learning on a regular basis.


From September 2021 home learning (if needed) and some homework is being delivered through our online learning platform Seesaw.


We updated information about reading and our systems for sharing books at home in April 2022.


Children are encouraged to share their reading books as often as they would like to - and come and change them as often too!  They also bring home sounds or words - try to look at these when you share the reading book. 

Maths homework is practical and is sent regularly from the summer term

Year 1
As above!  Children bring home words that they should practise reading and writing (word ladders).  These are the 100 most frequent words used, and following them, the next 100!  Being able to recognise these helps children a great deal - not all words are easy to decode and many frequent words need to be learnt. 
Children will be given a login for Bug Club as soon as they start and books will be regularly uploaded linked to their phonics.  This is an online system that encourages children to read a story and answer questions.  It won't let children move on without answering the comprehension questions, so please help them with these.  Like reading a book, the system is designed for parents and children to look at together.
Maths homework is practical and is set fortnightly.  We also use Sumdog and encourage the use of this for homework fortnightly.  This is an online maths platform that adapts to where your child is at in their mathematical learning. We have recently encouraged the use of the WhiteRose 1 minute maths app as well.

Year 2
Year 2 children move on to consistently using the high frequency words accurately in their written work and learning topic related vocabulary.  Help with the common words would be very welcome - make them passwords at home, and practise writing as much as you can.  You will find these listed in their reading records.

Year 2 children continue to have access to Bug Club.  This is a great resource so please do try to use at home.
Year 2 follow the same approach to maths homework as year 1.

In Spring 2022, further information was shared with parents about how learning can be supported at home using our learning platform Seesaw. 

For most children about 10 minutes each evening is about right, but please speak to the teacher if you have any questions about this.