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Our Intent for PE


It is our intention when teaching the P.E curriculum that we develop the enjoyment of physical activity and strive to improve the importance of health and wellbeing of our children.  We provide an engaging and challenging curriculum that allows all students to achieve beyond their expectations.  We engage children in the possibilities of sport to develop a passion for being active, healthy and having the confidence to try new things, building resilience and determination with all they do, embedding values such as fairness and respect.

Covid-19 and beyond


Please note for academic year 2020-2021 PE provision was re-written to reflect current guidance in place due to the Covid pandemic.  Our PE coach delivered lessons outside and maintaining a distance as he taught across bubbles. There were also restrictions on the use of equipment so that what was used could be appropriately cleaned.  These restrictions also impacted on competitions and events that we would usually take part in with other schools. 


Over this academic year so far we have periodically has to reintroduce restrictions, based on our Covid 19 the risk assessment, which has occasionally impacted on the delivery model for PE.  However we are pleased to be focusing on moving forward post the pandemic.  Alongside the curriculum, the re-introduction of sports based after school cubs has been well received.



Please note we had a sports apprentice working with us for just under a year, from Spring 2021 to end of Autumn 2022, when he was successfully appointed into a sports coach role at the junior school.

PE Programme of Study April 2022:

PE Programme of Study - last academic year