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Attendance has been a 'hot' topic in schools in recent years.  It is important to aim for 100% - some children achieve this, and many children come close!  Parents generally seem to agree that full attendance is valuable - in the last full academic year attendance overall was 97.2%, and there were only 7 individual children whose attendance fell below 90%.  There is a direct link between good attendance and high attainment, so parents who make sure children come to school are doing their very best to support their education.  A national target of attendance of over 96% is always good to bear in mind.  Because of COVID 19 it has become very hard to pull useful attendance data together, however we were very pleased with the way the school community have worked together over the last two years to support children's learning.  


It is unacceptable to book a holiday in term time.  Please remind grandparents and wider family members that as soon as your child starts school you will not be able to remove them for a 'break' without taking unauthorised absence.

Our policy allows for time off for truly exceptional circumstances, but these are relatively rare.  A form is available in the school office that you should complete before arranging any time off.  


Obviously, we do not want children to come to school if they are really unwell.  But if a child has a sniffle, or is a bit tired, then we are able to look after them whilst involving them in learning activities.  Please bear this in mind when you decide whether to bring them in.  We will always call you if they do not cope.


COVID 19 has led to a high alert for flu like symptoms.  The current position is if your child is ill they should stay at home.  As soon as they are well enough they can return.  We provide regular updates on health issues in weekly newsletters.


We monitor attendance regularly, and write to any families we feel are unaware of the importance of full attendance, or where we are concerned about the health and wellbeing of children who are frequently absent.  Offering support or advice where appropriate, it is our aim to help parents to work towards better attendance.

Often parents are not aware of the cumulative rate of absence or the impact this can have on their child's education.  1 day off every 2 weeks soon amounts to a scary statistic.

If you have any questions, please ask.