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Who's Who

The Headteacher has a team of 16 teachers and 17 support staff, some of whom work part-time and support children with special educational needs.  Early Years Practitioners work alongside the teacher at each Nursery session.

We are aware that our staff are our most valuable asset - dedicated and hardworking, they strive endlessly to improve the quality of provision for pupils at our school. 

Meet the staff at our school!

Staff 2016-17



Ms Anna Archer                      Head teacher

Mrs Sara Prince                      Deputy Head teacher


Office Staff

Mrs Diana Burdett BEM          School Secretary

Ms Freyja Halman                   Finance Assistant

Mrs Jemma Rankin                 Admin Assistant



Mrs Barbara Miller                  Teacher

Mrs Jackie Littlefair                 Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Aparna Sriram                 Early Years Practitioner

Miss Rachel Wilding               Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Rachel Bruce                   Learning Support Assistant



Chestnut Class

Miss Nicky George                 Teacher

Mrs Dionne Hampson            Teaching Assistant

Mrs Nicola Ahmetoglu            Learning Support Assistant

Lime Class

Mrs Michelle Read                 Teacher

Mrs Karen Reed                     Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jo Murray                         Learning Support Assistant

Sycamore Class

Mrs Sarah Norton                   Teacher

Mrs Lorraine Allen                  Teaching Assistant

Additional Reception staff

Mrs Nic Connolly                    Teacher

Mrs Donna Ewington              Teaching Assistant


Year 1

Beech Class

Mrs Natashi Deans                 Teacher

Mrs Mastaneh Esfandiari        Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sally Rees                       Learning Support Assistant

Maple Class

Mrs Anne Robinson                Teacher

Mrs Jane Dyckhoff                  Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lorraine Robinson           Learning Support Assistant

Willow Class

Miss Chloe McDermid            Teacher

Mrs Louise Gardiner               Teaching Assistant

Additional Year 1/2 staff

Mrs Hazel Joy                         Teacher


Year 2

Ash Class

Mrs Gill Bozier                        Teacher

Mrs Melanie Trew                   Teaching Assistant

Oak Class

Mr Carl Bridges                       Teacher

Mrs Tracy Smith                      Teaching Assistant

Pine Class

Mrs Kathy Boucher                 Teacher

Mrs Karen Potter                    Teaching Assistant

Mrs Varsha Manohitharajah   Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Maureen Whitehead        Learning Support Assistant


Learning Support

Ms Belinda Canham               Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Mrs Sarah Roberts                 Learning Support Teacher


Specialist Staff

Mrs Pam Annison - Music

Mr John Delaney - Sports Coach


Additional teaching staff (cover/release)

Mrs Alison Chichester-Miles

Mrs Debbie Knight

Mrs Pauline Pick

Mrs Felicity Smith

Mrs Liz Stratton

Mrs Julia Turnpenny


Midday Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Angela Kosky                   Lead Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Cheryl Armour

Mrs Teresa Bedford

Mrs Rachel Bruce

Mrs Kelly Crain

Mrs Sarah Crosby

Mrs Timea Lang

Mrs Jo Murray



Mr Andy Beach