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Year 2

Year 2 Information notes for parents - Spring term 2020


For clarification:

Sumdog homework, log on and try the maths challenge (3 numbers within 20) or have a go at the competition - obviously you can do both if you wish.  Just logging on and having a go will make a difference.


Spellings - we will try to give a whole week's notice but let the adult know if this is proving challenging.



Another busy week ends.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Harvest Assembly by bringing in food for those in need.  

Believe it or not, we are beginning to think of Christmas.  Please check your child's book bag for the Christmas card template to ensure that it remains flat.

This week it will be Sumdog homework - have a go, practise makes perfect :)  Also the sumdog competition starts today.  Spellings will also be put in their bags on Monday ready for the quiz on Friday.

Have a lovely weekend


The Year 2 team


Sincere apologies for not writing on the blog so far.


Your children are settling in well and learning the class and golden rules.  


Well done to all the children that are doing their maths and spelling homework each week - keep it up.


For geography we are learning to use ordnance maps.  If you have any at home that you no longer need we would love to have them.


Thank you for your support



The Year 2 team

Year 2 Information Meeting notes for Parents - 12th September 2019

Week ending 5th July


Year 2 have a busy week next week.  On Monday Ash & Pine are going over to the Juniors to play on the playground and Ash then has a sample meal in the Junior Lunch Hall.  On Tuesday it is the Year 2 Family Morning which will be fantastic - do come and support your child.  On Wednesday Oak has their sample meal over at the Juniors.  On Thursday it is Meet the Teacher - exciting!  Finally on Friday it is the Infants Athletics Morning and then Pine will be going over to the Juniors for their Sample Meal.



Welcome back :)  Hopefully you are all feeling refreshed and ready to tackle a new term.  We have already had a busy few days with a visit to St John's Church to learn about the role of a religious leader and what a church looks like inside and outside. 


Just a little reminder that April brings showers and sunshine - can we have a coat in school everyday please.  Also can you check your child's indoor shoes/trainers fit as we do our mile a day and the children need to run safely.


We will be starting a new computing unit this term which is based around taking and looking at photos.  We would love it if your child could take some photos (signs of Spring - flowers, lambs etc. ) using a camera if possible but a phone or tablet will work just as well.  Have a look at them and print off the best one.  If you don't have a printer you can email us the photo ( and we will print them off for you.


We would like to create a whole class display showing where in the world our food comes from.  As you finish your meals could you look at the packet/box and bring it in next week please.  We are aiming to fill up all 7 continents!


This week we have looked at the French artist Renoir, looking at his umbrella painting.  We cut up a copy of his painting and then gave the children a 'puzzle' piece to re-create using pastels.  The finished effect will look amazing I'm sure. 

With Renoir's painting in mind we did an 'umbrella' investigation to discover the best material to make an umbrella.

Today it is our Book Day and so we have discussed the different characters and authors.  I am proud of the effort that everyone has made - we all look brilliant!

Next week we will be starting our 'Fire' topic.  We would like the children to make a simple Tudor house (paint a box white, draw or paint on black beams) and add a straw roof (if you have any straw lying around that is).  We would like them completed in the next fortnight please.

Thank you for your support - the year 2 team

Well a busy term is over and what a lot we have achieved.  The children have finished their d & t project which they are rightly proud of and they have all composed a piece of music based on 'Tell Me a Dragon'.


The children have 2 pieces of homework - to draw themselves (just their face peering over a book) reading their favourite story.  We would also like them to practise telling the time to at least half past and quarter to the hour.

Year 2 Parents Information Meeting 14.1.19

We hope that you have a lovely Christmas - we hope the children all receive at least one book for Christmas, and the family use the holidays as a time to enjoy reading together.  We will be sending home a book review format and it would be great if you could complete this together.  In January the children can bring in the book that they have chosen to review with their completed sheet, and we will share them and celebrate the books they have read.

After the holidays, the children will also need to bring in a box (tissue box size are ideal) for our Spring Term D & T project. 

Merry Christmas everyone.

The Year 2 team would like to thank you for all your brilliant support this term.  We are sending home some Christmas maths homework (just like the year 1 team) all about shape.  Please can you work with your child to complete these pages by Friday 11th January.  The challenge questions (any with a light bulb or challenge icon) can be missed out if you feel they are too demanding.  Above you can find two helpful shape word mats to support this learning. We thank you in advance for your co-operation.  Please ask any of us if you are unclear.

We wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.


9th November


Everyone is enjoying their 2 week topic and there is lots of lovely creative work going on around the school.  On Tuesday we will be making lanterns and need some grown ups to help us. 

Ash 9 - 10

Pine 10 -11

Oak 11 -12.

If you could help for the hour could you let your class teacher know.


Thanks from the Year 2 team.




Year 2 have had another busy week.  In English we are continuing our story, (The Owl who was afraid of the dark) honing our acting skills and using talk for writing to help us with our time connectives.

We value your contribution with the maths homework.  The children get a sticker, either in their book or on a sheet.  A reward will be given to the children that do their homework regularly.  We are aware that some of you have questions about the maths homework.  We talk through the homework each week with the children and discuss any problems that they may have encountered.  If there is something that you don't understand, please let us know. 

Our wind-up toys are now finished and have been evaluated.  The children enjoyed making them and are rightly proud of their achievements.

Next Monday is photo day :) and on Wednesday we will have some special visitors in the school frown


Year 2 Parent Information Meeting notes - 10th September 2018

Friday 21st September 2018


We have had a lovely week.   It's been busy, busy, busy.  We are working our way through our new maths scheme which is going well frown.


In English we have just finished chapter 2 of The Owl who was afraid of the Dark.  We have acted out the chapter using  repeating lines to help us to sequence the story.


In computing we are learning how to read and respond to emails.  A little reminder about e-safety would be good please .


This week Year 2 will be walking to the common.


Ash Class will be going Tuesday afternoon.  We need adult helpers please.  Let Ms Bozier know if you can help.  Sorry but little ones are not invited on this occasion.  The children will need their wellies and a waterproof please.


Have a lovely weekend - don't get blown away and we will see you on Monday.





The Year 2 team

11th September 2018


Welcome to Year 2.


We will be starting a d & t project that will need a shoe box (or at least a lid!).  If you could provide one for your child that would be fantastic.


Book bags appear to be getting larger which proves a problem in the classroom.  If you could use the infant school bag or at least keep the back packs small that would be a great help.


If you would like to help in school: lunchtimes, for reading, topic or forest schools that would be lovely.  Let your class teacher know when you are available to come in.



Year 2 - For your research this week you will need to use a bitly bundle of safe websites.  Here are the websites that you may use.





The children have been very busy and are all in need of a rest.  The year 2 team wish you all a lovely half term.  Relax and enjoy your children. 


When the children come back they will need a plastic carton for our d&t project (butter, margarine, ice-cream).  If you could label your tub that would be very helpful.


Thank you and Namaste :)

As part of our Mindful Week the children have been learning some new yoga moves - ask your child to show you some :)


If you have any old phones with decent cameras on them that you wont need back we would love to have them (with the charger lead) please.  


We have been learning the names of common plants and any minibeasts that might be on them so if you could walk around your garden or park over the weekend it would be beneficial.  Our challenge is to find the Devil's Coach Horse!


Have a lovely long weekend, enjoy the sunshine and some quality family time.

We had a lovely day at the Hindu Temple.  The children had fun and learnt lots.  They were a credit to the school - well done Year 2's.  


Huge apologies for the lack of posts from the Year 2 team.  Technological issues sorted (phew!) so we are back up and running.


We start off this term learning all about Hinduism.  The children will be going to Bhaktivedanta Manor on Thursday where we will participate in lots of engaging activities and enjoying a delicious vegetarian lunch.   


Ash Class welcomes a new class member - Unay Garcia Guerra.  Mrs Miles is also back from maternity cover and will be taking Ash class for the day, including Forest Schools where the children will be having fun in 'Wonderland' and searching for bugs. 

November 2017


Sorry for the delay - issues with the website.  Year 2 are working very hard.  We will be making wind up toys next week.  Can you supply your child with a small shoe-box please.


Thank you, the Year 2 teams :)

Bug Club

Mrs Prince has checked the logins for all of the children - each has a unique Username, but all have the same password.

The password for all is read.  This might be a change of password - please use the new one.

Please remember that each book has a number of comprehension questions, that help your child understand the text in more depth, and supports their overall experience of interacting with a story.

Welcome back to school.

In Year 2 we welcome you to Ash Class with Mrs Bozier, Mrs Murray and Mrs Trew, Oak Class with Mr Bridges, Mrs Manohitharajah, Mrs Robinson and Mrs Smith, and Pine Class with Mrs Boucher, Mrs Dyckhoff and Mrs Rees! A lot of names, but everyone working together in the Year 2 team.

We hope everyone had a really relaxing break and is now raring to go!

Year 2 staff and children will update this page weekly to keep parents in the loop - try to remember to log on and catch up on what we have been doing.

Goodbye 2016 - 2017!

Year 2 performance of James and the Giant Peach


This week the children of Year 2 have been extra busy learning the songs and preparing for their roles in our upcoming performance of James and the Giant Peach!  Each child has been allocated a role and this week we have given out the roles to learn as homework.  Please help your child to learn their lines the best they can so they can sparkle in their performances when you come to watch them! 

It has been really nice to see all of Year 2 mixing and collaborating on this project - new friendships forming, interaction with different people, things which will benefit the children as they move on to Year 3 and learn with new friends.  From the teachers' point of view, it has been very pleasing indeed to see children displaying confidence and enthusiasm in their acting and speaking parts. 

Today we had our very first run through in driving wind, thunder, occasional rain and other distractions!  It seemed to go very well, the children were exceptionally patient during the rehearsal and Mrs Boucher, Ms Bozier and Mr Bridges were pleased to see everyone getting involved so well.  Here's to a lovely show next Friday!  

Sorry for the gap in communication - things have been a little busy for the Year 2's.


Our topic this last half term is Roald Dahl and so we are reading James and the Giant Peach.  We have written character profiles and grouped Roald Dahl characters into heroes and villains. 


We have started our last computing module - We are zooologists.  We will be extending our knowledge of cameras and taking good close up photos of mini-beasts that we have found during our Forest School sessions.  This has given us a cross-curricular link with maths as we have used a tally chart to mark off how many, and where we discovered our critters.  Ash Class have looked after Giant African land snails this week which the children have enjoyed immensely.


We have also started learning new songs in order to impress you with our end of year performance :)


Welcome back after the Easter Holiday.  The children are rested and enthusiastic.  We have been learning about Quentin Blake this week and about plants.  If you have any seeds, bulbs or plants that you could donate we would be most appreciative.


We are photographers this half term and will be using the i-pads to take photos.  As we have another Bank Holiday this weekend we thought it would be good if the children could use a device: camera, i-pad, tablet, phone etc. to take a photo of Spring.  You might find a broken egg shell on the ground, or a pretty flower or even lambs in the field.  Encourage the children to experiment with the buttons, but to take a photo that is focussed and interesting.  Remind them to be careful though as they are not toys! 

Well done to the girls (and sadly missing boy) from Dance Club whose performances on Tuesday at the St Albans Dance Festival were absolutely FANTASTIC!  We were so proud of you all.

Sumdog winners 10.3.17

Great work children!

Next competition has already begun - it could be you next time!

The Great British Spring Clean - job done! 3 bags of litter removed from our school grounds. Well done the Environment TED Team. 3.3.17

Sumdog February 2017 Winners


This week a dragon was spotted nesting in the Spinney.  We came up with reasons for it to stay and some reasons for it to go in a discussion piece of writing - the good-natured souls of Oak mostly agreed that the dragon should stay!  Not sure if the neighbours will agree though........ Jack S wrote that the eggs of the dragon may be unstable, drawing nicely on this week's phonics teaching of un- and dis- prefixes.  Surely word of the week!

In maths we've had lots of fun using drawings of arrays to help us solve multiplication problems.  We have also used our knowledge to solve missing number sentences using sticky notes  and cubes - ask your children what they have been up to!

We have been using learning Mandarin in class to broaden our horizons and make our latest classmate Xin Cheng feel welcome.  Please feel free to use this resource at home and the children can show you their learning: 

Otherwise, we have been scientific with Skittles, creative with dragon worlds, democratic with dragon playgrounds, testing computer games, moving deftly as dragons in PE and reading about which parts of the crocodile have to stay above the surface of the water: "Their nostrils because they need to breathe" (Austin).  Quite!  

Upcoming Sumdog Competitions


3rd Feb - 9th Feb

3rd March - 9th March

10th March - 16th March

All cAll competitions start 8am and run till 8pm on the last day. It’s easy to take part, just play

Sumdog's maths games and practice hundreds of skills!

ChiCChildren login using the details sent home - your child’s teacher and the office have a copy of these if ti if they have gone astray!

Sco Scores are based on accuracy, and questions tailored to each child's level - so everyone has a fair cha chance. Please don’t help your child or they will get more difficult questions which will only spoil

thei their experience.

Chil Children can choose which game they play, while Sumdog automatically adapts its questions and each corr correct answer they give counts toward their score.

The There are special prizes up for grabs each time, so encourage your child to join in and enjoy the SumSumdog craze!

Mrs Robinson

Friday 20th January 2017


Ash Class has had a fun, messy week!!!  The children have all contributed to a 'Dragonworld' using junk modelling and their D & T skills to join and attach the materials.  Jacob loved using the modroc because you got really messy :) 

Margot likes drawing and art and enjoyed using colour magic to paint a sea dragon on the computer.  We are 'Games Testers' this half term and have been learning how to program a game.  Joe learnt how to change the background.

In science we did a 'skittle investigation!.  We were observing how long it took for the colours to come off the skittles and rank them.  We discovered that the yellow ones hold on to their colour the longest.  When I asked the children what their favourite thing was about it - they replied "we got to eat the skittles!!!"

In maths we have been learning how to subtract using a numberline.  Practise makes perfect and we are all getting there :)

If you have a shoe box please bring one in next week.  Thank you

Happy New Year from Year 2 teachers and children.

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and that Santa was good to you.

This week were excited to start a new Spring term and be introduced to our topic on "DRAGONS".

In English we enjoyed looking at the beautifully illustrated book by the Author/Illustrator Jackie Morris "TELL ME A DRAGON".

We talked about describing actions of dragons using VERBS and ADVERBS and naming dragons using ADJECTIVES and NOUNS. We talked about creating quality pieces of writing with neatly formed letters, accurate punctuation and carefully checked spellings.

In maths we talked a lot about number and using doubles and near doubles to solve number problems in addition and subtraction. We looked at using maths equipment to support us and checking work carefully. We also tried some problem solving on whiteboards and enjoyed lots of discussion about the methods we can use. Rolling dice to create numbers to double was fun too!

In Geography we talked about physical and human features of places and applied these to our creations of imaginary maps showing the areas of "DRAGONWORLD".

In History we talked and read about "GEORGE and the Dragon" our Patron Saint of England. We found out lots of facts by comprehending what we had read.

In art we looked at the work of the artist "MATISSE" and found about his method of "PAINTING WITH SCISSORS". We used this method to cut out abstract shapes and create our own Dragons in the style of Matisse using paper collage techniques.

In R.E we are talked about the different parts of a church in the Christian faith and things that you would see inside a church. We are finding out what these things are used for and comparing them to other religious places of worship.

Science was great fun as we INVESTIGATED "HOW TO MAKE A PAPER DRAGON FLY". We shared ideas and then worked in groups of 3 to test out our method...using plastic bottles. We learnt about ranking Beat to worst or numerically 1st, 2nd, 3rd. We made OBSERVATIONS, SHARED IDEAS, RECORDED SCIENTIFICALLY and made a CONCLUSION based on what we had found out. Why not have a go at Home!

We are keeping fit( and warm) in our P.E lessons and enjoying our new after school and lunchtime sports clubs.

Happy Weekend...see you on Monday. Year 2 parent meetings will be in Oak, Ash or Pine at If you cant make it notes will be available through the usual channels.

Congratulations to the Year 2 Sumdog competition winners:  Luke, Sohan and Freya.  I hope you enjoy your festive prizes!

Mrs Robinson


Oak Class Christmas jumpers - what a great collection!

16th December 2016


Another fun-filled week.  Thank you to everyone who came to our Family Evening.  It was nice to show off our classrooms and to share all the lovely Christmas activities that we have done. 


We have had a visit to St John's Church to sing, we enjoyed our Christmas Lunch yesterday and today we were greeted by a variety of Christmas Jumpers.

Here is Ash Class looking very excited :)


Pine, Ash and Oak have enjoyed using their Science mailinvestigation skills to look at "SHADOWS". We learnt how we make them and change their sizes. We enjoyed finding out the meanings of the words transparent, translucent and opaque.

We talked about where and when shadows are made. We had fun using our torches!

THANK YOU to the parents for sending them in.smiley



Walking with the whole school to St John's Church was a special treat. The sun shone and we enjoyed singing Christmas carols and looking at the Christian symbols inside this place of worship.


Glitter was around the classes as we put the finishing touches to our Christmas art and crafts. We hope you enjoyed seeing all our beautiful work on display at FAMILY EVENING. We were proud of all we had created.

Thank you to all the children and parents that came to join in and take part in the annual Grove Infant  School Quiz as you wandered around the school. The children have all been as busy as Santa's Elves.


In English we have been talking about all the Traditional Stories we have studied this term, and have discussed Good and Bad Characters and those we aren't quite sure about. We talked about ANTONYMS such as unkind and kind, evil and pure etc

We have also been learning about POSSESSIVE APOSTROPHES and where to place them. We have enjoyed using them in neatly written and correctly punctuated sentence with a CHRISTMAS theme.


In Maths we have enjoyed applying our number knowledge when solving problems using the 4 operations of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. We used mental and paper and pencil methods, well done.


We have braved the chilly, foggy weather and had P.E outside playing a range of games. We kept moving to stay warm...BRRRRRRRR!crying Thank you to Mr Woodford and Mr Delaney for making our lessons this term so ENJOYABLE!


What lucky children and teachers we were to have such a delicious Christmas lunch on Thursday. We all looked very festive in our unique "Party Hat Designs" which we had carefully created using our "PAPER SCULPTING" techniques.


Our excitementsurprise is building as we count down to the end of term and get nearer to Christmas day.


After all the children's hard work and very good behaviour this term we are sure they will all be on Santa'sindecision "NICE" list! no


We have talked about the Traditions of Christmas and discussed this song ...

We wish you a merry Christmas,

We wish you a merry Christmas,

We wish you a merry Christmas-and a Happy New Year!


Glad tidings we bring,

To you and your kin,

We wish you a Merry Christmas-

and a Happy New Year!






Pine Christmas Jumper day!

Re:  Mathematics website Sumdog (

The next Sumdog competition for KS1 will start 8am 9th December and run till 8pm 15th December.  It’s easy to take part, just play Sumdog's maths games and practice hundreds of skills!

Children login using the details sent home during the last contest period.  Your child’s teacher and the office have a copy of these if they have gone astray!

Scores are based on accuracy, and questions tailored to each child's level - so everyone has a fair chance.  Please don’t help your child or they will get more difficult questions which will only spoil their experience.

Children can choose which game they play, while Sumdog automatically adapts its questions and each correct answer they give counts toward their score.

There are special Christmas themed prizes up for grabs this time, so encourage your child to join in and enjoy the Sumdog craze!

Mrs Robinson

2nd December 2016


The children were very excited to be greeted with Advent calendars on Thursday.  The classrooms all look very festive!


We have used Michael Morpurgo's 'Coming Home' as a starting point for our activities this week.  We watched the advert and listened to a robin's birdsong.


We have designed our Christmas cards.  Kieran liked using his finger and thumb to place Mr and Mrs Robin onto his forest scene.  Grace liked thinking about what home meant to her and used lots of interesting vocabulary to design a 'word collage' to add a door and windows to the template.


In science we have learnt about migration and in geography we located the Scandinavian places on a map and drew the journey that the robin would have undertaken to get home to his mate :)


In maths we have used a number line to add and subtract, challenging ourselves to find the difference when the 2 numbers were close together.


During history this week we have learnt about some of the traditions and customs around Christmas.  We used our folding and cutting skills to make a book that we could record our information in.  Cutting is a skill that can be practised at home please.







This week we have been learning about David Hockney.  We have used the i-pads to take a photo and then use doodle buddy to paint over the photo using bright vivid colours.  Catherine chose the 'glitter' on the I-pad to go over her tree, which was very effective.  Aidan had fun painting strips of corrugated card to help to create a class display of one of Hockney's landscapes.


Rose has practised using the 'scratch' program on the internet.  We challenged ourselves to make the Earth move around the sun which is what we have been learning about in science.  Olly (our expert) said "I discovered that you can race some-one on scratch"


Adam and Rosie worked together to design a 'Wolf Spotters Guide' in English.  Adam found the disguises very amusing :).  We also wrote a persuasive piece.  George G said "wolves are not bad because they are hunters and only looking after their families.  We tried to use persuasive language such as: "In my opinion that's what wolves do"


Lily used the globe to find out about the continents that lie above and below the Equator.  We learnt that if it is Autumn in the Northern hemisphere then it must be Spring in the Southern hemisphere.


It is the Xmas fete tomorrow.  We look forward to seeing you there.


p.s.  I would love some help with sewing - 20 puppets still to go.


Sumdog Maths Nov Contest Winners

18th November 2016 - Children in Need Day


I opened the door to a lot of spotty, very enthusiastic children this morning, all clutching a donation for Children in Need Day.  Thank you all for taking part.

We have had another busy week.  Thank you to the parents that came in to help with the sewing.  The puppets look amazing!!.  Phoebe said she found the sewing easy!  She attached 'Puss in Boots' sword with glue.  We will need parents until the end of term or at least until they have been finished so if you have a spare half an hour or so that would be much appreciated. 

In English we have been learning all about Cinderella and using this as a starting point to think about what life in a kitchen would have been like a long time ago.  The 'history detectives' loved examining the artefacts and trying to work out what they were and how they might have been used.  Rosie looked really hard at the spinning top.  She thought that it might be some kind of game but decided it looked a lot like a fishing rod.

In maths we have been telling the time - lots of practise needed please.  Could you have a look at the clocks around your homes (analogue especially) and practise learning to tell the times, half past, quarter past and quarter to.

In computing the children have used their algorithm skills to program a beebot and have another go (debug) it if they didn't quite reach their destination the first time.



It's day 6 of the Sumdog Maths contest...

There's lots of good work being done.  In assembly yesterday all children were shown how to log onto the Sumdog website.

Here are the latest results for our classes:


Students played 









Need 8 more players




Need 10 more players








Need 10 more players




Need 7 more players


For a class to qualify for the leaderboards, at least 10 students from that class must play in the contest.

The contest finishes tomorrow, at 8pm - still plenty of time left.


Mrs Robinson


I have entered all KS1 children in the Sumdog Hertfordshire maths contest.

It’s free to enter and ends next Thursday 17th November.

You can play online at home using the website or the app.....and there are prizes up for grabs!  So why not join in the fun and learn more about the contests:

Login to this web page with username and password:  username is composed of surname initial and christian name (no space all lower case), password is sum followed by first three letters of christian name (no space all lower case), school code is groveinfants. There are a very small number of exceptions so I will be sending home a paper copy with login details for your child.  Please look out for this.  In the meantime the office has a copy of login details if you find yours does not work!  The great news is that if children login during competition time they will be able to access Sumdog games at other times too! The children in Maple have really enjoyed using it so I hope you all do too! Enjoy!

Mrs Robinson


In Pine Class we have enjoyed listening to different versions of "Jack and the Beanstalk". We discussed the differences and story endings. After getting to know the story well we decided to write letters to the giant from Jack saying how sorry we felt for taking his goose, harp and gold coins. We learnt about parts of a friendly letter..greetings, main body, a closing and had fun signing Jack's signature. We also tries to add a P.S which we learnt stands for " post script".

Thank you to all the Pine Class children who have brought in their own Traditional story book to share with others at ERIC time, when we all read in class.

What great imaginations we all had when writing about our Magic beans...Barnaby's bean took him to an Ice castle, while Mira's grew into a tall sunflower.

Will and Danny enjoyed finding fractions of objects and numbers in maths this week. We also tried to visualise numbers on a number line and which numbers came before and after each other.

P.E is giving us lots of understanding of dance and movement. We are enjoying creating ideas for The Three Bears Story. Maddie and Summer are graceful movers!

Our second group of Forest school children enjoyed going for a Poetry treasure hunt on the way to the Spinney. We had fun learning about food chains in woodland habitats. What a surprise to find so many different "DECOMPOSERS" in the form of mushrooms and fungi. The shield beetle that Eddie and Sam found was brilliantly camouflaged.

Science helped us to understand about animal adaptions to their environments. Daisy drew a frog with great care and labelled it carefully. Maggie created a detailed drawing of an owl and explained its design for hunting and living in fields or woods.

In Art and Design we have drawn our own puppets to make with a range of materials nearer Christmas. We are enjoying our topic of "Puppets" very much.





We learnt the story of Jack and the Beanstalk this week.  Olly enjoyed writing a creative piece titled - 'If I had a magic bean...'  We also imagined that we were Jack from the story and wrote a letter to the Giant apologising for entering his home without permission and stealing his things.  Rocco said he liked making the envelopes that we would put the letter into.


We went outside and gave our partners instructions on how to get from the Postman's House to a house that the Jolly Postman would have visited and then we wrote an algorithm of our own.  The children need some practise on learning left and right.


Ayla said that her favourite lesson this week was D & T where she designed a 'Baby Bear' puppet.  We had to think about the materials we would be using and what would be the best way to attach any parts that we would need.


James joined in a great discussion about Remembrance Day.  We have bought poppies and displayed them proudly on our uniforms.


Martha N was a good scientist and was able to compare a frog and an owl, thinking about how they have both adapted to living in their habitats.
 November 2016


We have had a fun week in Ash Class.  We shared our Autumn homework with our friends - they are amazing!!!  Well done everybody :) Art has been a theme this week.  Zach enjoyed using oil pastels to draw Autumn animals.  Laurie enjoyed painting Rangoli patterns by solving maths sums to paint by number.

In maths we have been comparing numbers and learning to use greater than and less than symbols.  Joe enjoyed doing our Maths quiz as he said it was 'challenging.'

In English we are learning about Traditional tales.  This week we read different versions of Goldilocks and The 3 Bears.  We drew ourselves a story map to help us to remember the sequence of the story, including repeated phrases.

Millan enjoyed making a map and learning to read co-ordinates.

In computing we have been learning about whole, quarter and half turns to the left and to the right so we have been giving each other a series of instructions or algorithms! 

Gosh what a busy week!


If you are free to help Ash Class to read the afternoons would be best.  We would welcome any help that you have to offer.


Could we please have a fresh supply of wet wipes and or hand gel please.


Hedgehog Street - beside the Nursery Gate.

We have been learning about hedgehogs, and what they need to survive, in assembly, and it would be great if the children can help to create a log pile.  Please bring sticks to school and add them to the area, and think about how your garden can support hedgehogs.  Thanks from Mrs Boucher and Mrs Prince.

Friday 16th September

Maths homework and spellings have been given out today.  Please ensure that all books and recorders are in your child's book bag on Friday please.
We are continuing with our topic.  In English we have played with words.  We created some similies and then as a class made up a poem about Flat Stanley.
In D & T Martha N said: "I like art.  I designed a jumper and trousers for Stanley to wear."  
In maths we have learnt how to write numerals in numbers and words, estimated and used cubes to help us to recognise place value.
George H liked using the globe to identify the 7 continents and 5 oceans.
Our science lesson was very physical including kicking balls and playing tug of war.  All in the interest of learning about forces. 
Have a good weekend

Friday 9th September

Welcome to Year 2!  The children have had a great first week. 

We have started our Flat Stanley topic and you will be able to see the class displays on our open classroom day shortly.  Using an atlas helped us to locate all the destinations that he has been on his holiday.  Maths has been fun as we have been using stickers, creating charts without numbers and making shapes out of shapes!  Our computing module is: 'we are detectives' and so we have learnt how to compose and read an email sent to the other year 2 classes.

Have a lovely weekend and see you Monday.
P.S.  if you have any 'small world' toys that you no longer need, could you bring them in - Reception would love to have them