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Year 2

Oak forest school

What a busy week we've had in Oak class!  In maths we have completed our unit on addition and subtraction with 2 digit numbers and we've moved on to money.  (In year 2 we need to know the value of coins and notes but we record £ and p separately.) 

In English we've been fascinated by sharks.  Did you know sharks come in all shapes and sizes?  Some could fit in your hand but others are as large as a bus!  There are prickly sharks, sharks with eyebrows, saw shaped noses, pyjama sharks and LOTS more.  This week we've been researching, learning how to make notes and write questions.

In art we've drawn pine cones by studying one and have also drawn great white sharks.  

Thank you for sending in torches; these really helped our understanding about the Moon in science.

We had a lovely time at forest school, playing games and working as a team. 

Best wishes

Mrs Robinson, Ms Bozier and Mr Bridges

12.11.20 - Multicultural Fortnight


Wow!  What a fabulous time we have had.  In Ash class we have immersed ourselves in India by: learning to use our hands in dance, dressing up in traditional dress.  When learning about Indian animals we have torn paper to create an Indian jungle, painted our hand and decorated it like an elephant, used coffee filters, fingers and thumbs to create a peacock (the national bird) and finally coiled clay to make a diva lamp.  The highlight of this week was food.  We drank mango lassi, tried naan bread and poppadoms, nibbled spicy crisps and devoured coconut squares :).  As I write this the smell of the incense stick fills my nostrils and I look forward to the children coming in from play and sitting like Buddha.

Dear Parents

We've made it to half-term; well done children! 

In English this week we've been reading, performing and imitating poetry models which has been lots of fun.   In maths we have been subtracting and problem solving; can your child explain how to subtract 6 from 15?  What about taking 7 from 34?  We have been teaching them to bridge a tens number and then use our number bonds to 10. So 15 - 6 = 15 - 5 - 1 = 10 - 1 = 9  and 34 - 7 = 34 - 4 - 3 = 30 - 3 = 27.  We use part-whole models to partition the number we are subtracting and sing along to the number pairs to 10 song on youtube to embed those pairs of numbers making 10.

Also this week in Oak we have been rounding off our portrait work using the work of Rene Magritte as inspiration and creating our own landscape faces.  You can see some of their compositions, brilliant! 

It was lovely to speak to you all about how your child has started their year 2 journey, we thank you for your support and wish you all a healthy and enjoyable half-term.

Best wishes

Mrs Robinson, Mrs Bozier and Mr Bridges



Faces in landscape by Oak


Wow what a week!


In English we finished off our unit on "How to make friends with a ghost by writing instructions. " The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Maths has been a challenge this week.  We have been learning to 'Make 10' .  It would be a big help if you could practise your number bonds with your children so that they automatically know that 4 + 6 = 10 etc.....Ask them to teach you the number bond song :)

We have spent time learning about the 7 continents and 5 oceans by looking at an atlas and the globe.

Our favourite lesson this week though has been computing.  The children have learnt to create 2 backgrounds for their sprite to move between and respond to each other.  They made it look so easy.



The week beginning 5th October was another busy one in Pine class.  In Maths we were thinking about number sentences and inverses, for instance, if 3+2 = 5, then 5-2 = 3 and 5-3 = 2.  In English we continued to look at our new class book 'How to Make Friends With a Ghost', thinking about questions and statements and using conjunctions in our sentences.  We learned about the symbols for the 6 'main' religions of the world, and found some time to watch the film 'Tangled' which tied in with our previous learning about the Rapunzel story.  Pine produced some great looking Andy Warhol-inspired pop art using a photograph of themselves!  We have included some examples here for you too see - I wonder if you can guess who these suspicious looking characters are!  Thanks once again for all your donations for our Harvest collection - these are very much needed and help out families, including local ones who are not always able to put food on their table.  Keep well, keep safe and don't forget to stay in touch.  Bye for now!  Pine Class.  


Oak sculptures

Oak religious symbols

Oak Pop Art

Dear Parents

The children are all settling into class routines and have been doing amazing work, well done year 2.  In English we have been role playing and writing dialogue between Rapunzel and the witch: "Why don't you use your broomstick Winnie?", they had some great imagination.  We've just begun our second unit in maths, addition and subtraction.  Can your child explain what the fact family is for 4+7=11?  Also the children have been developing their creative skills: pop art portraits and collaborative group religious symbols, very impressive!  Can your child tell you the name of the symbol their group created and name the associated religion?  Can you recognise your child from some of their pop art portraits?

Enjoy this weeks' maths homework which is on SUMDOG: count within 100.  

Have a lovely weekend everyone

Mrs Robinson, Ms Bozier and Mr Bridges


Fun this week!

To Ash Class carers,

Another successful week here at The Grove.  In our English lessons we have been comparing an old and new version of Rapunzel.  We have enjoyed acting out The Father and the Wicked witch in the traditional version and writing about the modern twist by using suffixes - Rapunzel was fearless.  We have also used a range of verbs.  I was locked in the tower, thinking about how the witch could be defeated.

In maths we have been continuing with place value, partitioning 2 digit numbers and ordering them.  We have had great fun using a range of manipulatives including dominoes today.

In art Ash class have made their Anthony Gormley inspired sculptures which look fantastic.

We are continuing with our nurturing nurses topic by learning all about Edith Cavell this week and marvelling at what a brave woman she was.

In RE we have learnt about the symbols that represent the 6 main faiths and drawing them in our books.

Dear Parents

Week 2 done and dusted and the year 2 team have been mightily impressed with how the children have settled into the new routines so sensibly and in good spirits.  The weather has been grand so children and teachers alike have been making the most of their outdoor time.  P.E. has been lots of fun this week, focussing on catching and throwing skills and working as part of a team.

This week we have completed our sketches planning our clay sculptures in the style of Antony Gormley (who designed the famous 'Angel of the North').  Some of the pencil and shading work shown by the children was brilliant, and we shared some fantastic ideas.  In English we wrote about something we had lost, how it made us feel and if we ever found it again or not.  Some happy and sad outcomes! smileycrying  In maths we continued to practise counting two-digit numbers in 10s and 1s.  Counting up to 35 would go like this: 10, 20, 30, 31,32,33,34,35.  Give your child a two digit number and watch them go!  Time for a rest this weekend - plenty of sleep please and ready to go again next week.  Stay well and keep safe!  Mr Bridges, Mrs Bozier, Mrs Robinson.     

Pine at work week 2

Oak 2020 torn paper portraits

Dear Parents

Thank you and well done year 2 for completing their first full week.  Ms Bozier, Mr Bridges and myself have been delighted to see the children coming in happily and showing great attitudes towards their learning.

We have been busy working on our place value in maths - we should all know that in a two digit number the first digit tells us how many tens and the second how many ones.  Can your child explain to you what the digits in 24 represent and how this is the same and how this is different from 42?

In English we have been using the story 'Voices in the park' to learn about commas and synonyms and to help with ideas for recounting your visit to the park.

In Oak this week we have been creating portraits by tearing paper which was very enjoyable.  Maybe you can recognise your child from the images?  Didn't they all do a great job?

Oak have their first Forest school session on Wednesday - remember children come in wearing their forest school clothes please.

Have a lovely weekend following the latest advice carefully.  All the best from the year 2 team.


Year 2 Information notes September 2020 and Curriculum map