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Year 1

Multicultural Fortnight might be over but it doesn’t stop us being as busy as ever!


In Maths we have begun to understand subtraction. We are following our steps to success to solve problems. We find the whole, draw objects or counters to represent that number. We then ‘cross out’ from the right the number that needs to be taken away (as we have worked out that when we subtract the whole always gets smaller like moving from right to left on the number line!) . We then count the remaining number – voila!


In English we are coming to the end of a block working on ‘Mr Big’ a talented pianist who is a Gorilla. He starts the story being sad and lonely but over time, he joins a band and he makes lots of friends (and gets some fans along the way). We have been writing and working on our sentences and learning how ‘and’ can be used. We have written in thought bubbles, speech bubbles, written letters to Mr Big and are now about to embark on writing the story of Mr Big in our own words (after creating our own story map to help). We have also used Talk for Writing to retell the story – can your children show you some of the actions that we use?


In History we are finding out more facts about the Gun Powder plot, the main characters and the sequence of events.


In RE we have just begun a block about the importance of Light in our own lives and of different religions.


In Science we are also thinking of light. What is light? What is darkness? Where does it come from? What is a light source. We have had wonderful discussion and debates with the children. The moon and mirrors came up a lot – are they/aren’t they (lots of children were amazed that they are not and over the next few weeks we will have experiments so they can prove/disprove their thoughts!) This week we brainstormed different light sources and we were blown away by some children’s responses….they added Fireflies and Glow worms into the mix!


In Art we have been busy colour mixing. We are now clearer on what the primary colours are and what secondary colours we create by mixing them.


In PSHE we are celebrating differences. We are investigating similarities amongst us and also differences, creating our very own Gingerbread men showing our findings. More is to come in the next few weeks with adding to them but in the pictures here is one you can see so far.....the T-shirt is what the children found were the same as there talking partner, the trousers showed 3 differences.

Friday 6th November


We have been very busy this week learning about our various countries in multicultural week. We will  post a few videos on Seesaw for you to watch soon. Keep an eye out and enjoy!


Have a good weekend.


The Year 1 Team

We're almost there! Seven weeks back at school... one more to go!

This week's highlights:


We completed our learning on writing reports by creating class books on Pets. The children consolidated their caption, sentence and list writing skills to complete the books in small groups.

Towards the end of the week, we have used the Imperative verbs song ( to write bossy instructions. It's a catchy little number isn't it?!



Sounds: ur, ow, oi and ear

Tricky words: you, the go

We have also been practising writing those common words from the red word ladder in our writing across the week. The next word ladder (orange) is to follow next week.



We've been learning to use the part -part whole model to find number bonds within 10 and write addition number sentences to match. The children also learned to write 4 different number sentences (related number facts) using just 3 numbers


5+1= 6                6=5+1

1+5 =6                6=1+5



Our topic continued, with identifying the 6 main animal groups and the animals which belong to them.

We discussed the duck billed platypus which has a beak, fur, webbed feet, the males are venomous like some snakes and it lays eggs! It is in fact an aquatic mammal.



We have made our clay animals using pinching rolling and moulding techniques. Haven't they done a great job?



The children are fascinated by using Google maps to learn about the local area. This week we focussed on the immediate surroundings of our school, using a key to identify landmarks on an aerial map.


Another week of fun to come then we all get a chance to recharge .

Have a lovely weekend!smiley

 The Year One Team


Another busy week for Year 1….

In Maths we have been learning all about ordinal numbers, having races to see who or which vehicle comes first, second, third, fourth etc. We have also been looking at the number line, remembering we must not forget zero!


In English we have started another lovely text called “Plenty of Love to go around” all about the relationship between a dog and cat. We have been predicting the ending…”will Binky and Plum be friends” and using ‘because’ in our sentences to explain our prediction.  We are learning how to label as a feature of non fiction.


In Geography in our local area topic, we focussed on looking at our classroom. How would it look if we had a bird’s eye view. We got creative and worked in teams using junk modelling.


In RE we have been recognising and comparing different religious practices at Harvest time. We have spotted a lot of similarity. We are united by being thankful but have different celebrations to show it. We made a Sukkah to explore the Jewish festival of Sukkot.


In Science we have been sorting animals into species group. We listened to and danced to an animal song to help us remember some key features of the six group. Here is the link if you would like to listen to it at home! Why don’t you ask your children to name the groups? To really challenge them, can they tell you animals that don’t fit into the 6? i.e Arachnids (spiders, scorpion, ticks and mites). They all have 2 body parts. 8 legs, no wings or antennae.


In DT we have been busy designing our clay animal after practicing techniques last week with moulding, rolling, pinching and pulling play doh. We are thinking carefully about which features our animals need to have. We also have realised that some animals are easier to make than other. We learnt that even though we may really want to make our favourite animal, its not always possibly – Mrs Dyckhoff’s falling down long necked giraffe caused lots of giggles. However children came up with a solution…..we could use sticks inside to mould around to give it strength – great designers in the making!!


Even though we've had some rain again this week, we've managed to do lots of dancing in our classrooms!


The year 1 team




smileyHappy Friday


Another busy week has whizzed by in Year 1

In English: In English we started a new book called Stanley's Stick By John Hegley. We enjoyed finding our own stick and using our imaginations to say what it would be. We had fire sticks, unicorn horns, spoons, golf clubs, wands  and fishing rods. We also created our sentences using capital letters and full stops. We learned to read through our work for sense and remember finger spaces and applying phonic sounds we know. We are looking forward to hearing more of the story next week.


In Maths: We enjoyed counting one more and one less from different numbers on a number line, practically and pictorially in our Power maths text book. we also compared amounts in groups and used the language more, less, fewer most. We thought about how to group objects practically to compare amounts and see which was the biggest or smallest group.




In Science: We continue to think about animal and animal parts. We then used our ideas and skills to sort animals by their observable features, such as Fins, legs or wings. We then challenged ourselves to sort them in other ways such as small or large, fur/feathers/scales or skin and tails or no tails etc We came up with some good ideas.



In Computing:  We continued to discuss Algorithms as a series of simple instructions to be done in order. We used programmable toys called " Bee-bots" and put in the instructions to move from one part of the farm to another. We remembered the teaching point of clearing the toy after each instruction. We had much success. 



In R.E: We enjoyed hearing the " Harvest Samba" song and thinking about all the foods we can be thankful for. We learnt about Harvest  being a Christian festival to celebrate the harvesting of crops, vegetables, fruits, flowers and even fish from the oceans. We thought about farmers and people who help to bring the harvest in by hand or using machinery. We learnt about Christians going to church and sharing foods with their families and the less fortunate in our communities.



In History: We thought about how to create a simple timeline. sorted toys from the past and toys of the present. We then thought about similarities and differences. 



In Art: We linked our learning to science and the features we can see on animal photos. We looked closely at details, textures, colours and shape. We thought about how to redraft our drawings and how to improve. We then chose an animal to draw using observation in the medium of pencil. After drawing the shape outline, details and colouring carefully within the lines, we then discussed what improvements we might make.



In P.S.E: We have been discussing as class members our rights and responsibilities. We talked about what a good learning environment would be like. We discussed behaviours to be encouraged in class like : being kind, listening, respect, working hard , trying our best and taking care of property. We had a pause for thought and did some deep breathing and thoughtful moments, sharing ideas around the circle.


Homework:  This week's maths is online Sum-dog, enjoy having a go! Spelling of you word ladder and reading your newly changed books will keep those skills developing. Use the fantastic resource of bug-Club to help your reading comprehension too.


Have a fabulous, family weekend. Enjoy the new Autumn seasonwink

Please remember to have wellies and wear a waterproof coat everyday as the weather is now so changeable.


The Year 1 Team







 Another busy and surprisingly hot smiley week in Year One,


It was lovely to be able to meet some of you virtually on our class zoom calls. Hopefully we've managed to answer any queries. Please feel free to email admin to arrange an appropriate time for a chat if any other questions arise.


This week we were lucky to start Forest school. Thank you to those parents who supported with this. We enjoyed creating art using natural materials in the style of Nils Udo.

In English, continued using the text, Farmer Duck, to create a story map and a postcard to Aunty Goose using time connectives e.g. first, next, then. 

In Phonics we are starting to look at the digraph sounds e.g. sh, ch and tricky words. We have are strengthening our fine motor skills in busy fingers as well as learning our capital letters in handwriting.

In Maths we have been overlearning number formation 0-10, writing this in words and digits. We are becoming more confident counting backwards from any given number.


In Science- we learned the term' habitat' and sorted animals accordingly. 

In Art, we have created self portraits in different media. 

In History we asked questions to find out about toys from the past.

In R.E we discussed the term charity and thought about ways to give our help, time and show charity to those who are less fortunate.

In computing, we are learning about giving a sequence of clear instructions  (an algorithm). Keep practicing your left and right turns- this was a challenge.surprise


Enjoy the last of the summer sunshine. See you next week!

The Year One Team


 The three Year 1 classes are: Beech (Mrs. Deans) Maple (Mrs. Boucher) and Willow (Mrs. Dyckhoff).


Hello and welcome to Year One!


Doesn't it feel good to be back at school - finally! The children are settling really well into their new classes and the new routines of the staggered starts/pick ups, lunchtimes and playtimes. It is still early days, so try not to worry if your child is finding drop offs tricky; this will get easier over time and they are very quickly settled once distracted with an activity.

Our focus has been to get to know the children in our classes and ensure the children feel safe and settled, ready to learn. Each class has developed and agreed their class rules and have had PSHE lessons, where we have introduced Jigsaw Jack to discuss these themes.


You may well have some very tired children after our first full week back at school. We've certainly been very busy!

We start every day with busy fingers to develop the children's fine motor skills.

Each class has already started teaching phonics as a whole class. The children have learned the phonemes (sounds) j, i, v, w, the tricky words, he and she and the spelling of the words the and to.


In English we have been reading the story Farmer Duck ,where the lazy farmer leaves poor Farmer Duck to do all the work.

The children have made predictions about the story plot, written labels to describe Farmer Duck and been introduced the terms noun (a thing/naming word) and verb (a doing/action word).


All children have read with their teacher and have their reading records and a book (matched to their phonic knowledge) to practice their reading at home. It may take some time for your child to re-establish the routines of daily reading. All teachers are allowing time for the children to settle, there will be plenty of opportunities to change reading levels, so please do trust us to support your child with progressing their reading.


 Each child has a new copy of the Red word ladder. In Year 1, children use these to practice the reading and spelling of the common and tricky words. This is sent home for your information, as children will not be tested on these spellings; instead teachers will be looking for the correct spellings in their class learning and in phonics. A little extra practice writing these words at home - may be useful.


In Maths, we are learning to use the Power Maths workbooks, which the children have been very excited about. They have learned to sort objects in different ways and count objects up to 10, by writing the digits and representing them using a tens frame.


Foundation subjects

History - how to find out information about the past. We learned about toys from the past (teacher's favourite toy).

Science -we've asked the question, what is science?

The children have discussed how to think and act like a scientist and have explored the skills that a scientist uses to find out information.

R.E- We have discussed how we are thankful for the natural world.

Art and D&T- the children have learned how to sketch a self portrait and create large scale collages of the characters from Farmer Duck.



Next week, is the start of Forest School, thank you to those parents who have offered to help.

Half of the class will attend in the afternoon, with the other 15 staying in school. Then they swap the following week.

Please remember to send your child in their forest school clothes in the morning.

Maple - Tuesday 15th and 22nd September

Beech- Thursday 17th and 24th September

Willow- starts on Tuesday 29th September and 6th October


 Have a relaxing weekend, ready for more fun  learning next week. We look forward to virtually meeting you in our class zoom calls.


Warmest wishes,

 The Year One Teaching Team.