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School Development Plan

School Development Plan summary 2019-20


Every year the School Leadership Team, in consultation with stakeholders, decide upon priorities for improvement for the coming year or more.  A summary of our action plan for the next academic year is attached: comments welcome.

School Development Plan 2019 - 20

Every year the School Leadership team reviews the strategic plans for the future: improving progress and raising attainment are always our focus and we consider all aspects of our provision and practice to see where changes are needed.  Often priorities for improvement remain part of the SDP for several years as we introduce and then embed new strategies and initiatives, and review the impact of our plans.  The following information is a summary of our current SDP.


Area of Development 1 –  Quality of Education

1.1 To review and clearly define the intent, implementation and impact of our curriculum to ensure it meets the needs of our school community

  • To review programmes of study to ensure continuity, progression and challenge in knowledge and skills taught.
  • To monitor curriculum delivery for consistency, support and challenge
  • To identify and build on areas of strength and identify any potential areas for development


Area of Development 2 – Quality of Education

2.1 To develop strategies for measuring the impact of interventions for children with additional needs 

  • Review of the school offer
  • streamline provision maps and monitoring programme for interventions
  • Training for support staff in order to monitor impact of interventions


Area of Development 3 –Quality of Education

3.1 To continue to develop teaching strategies that support improvement in outcomes for writing at both Key Stages

  • To put in place a plan of support for physical development linked to writing, starting in Nursery with gross motor skills 

  • To audit staff skills with Talk for Writing and deliver training based on this

  • To use key texts to support language developmen

  • To provide training for new Subject Leaders


Area of Development 4 – Leadership and Management

4.1  To develop a new inclusive Senior Leadership team

  • To develop a system of collaborative leadership with the new Deputy Head as Key Stage One Leader, Inclusion Leader and EYFS Leader  
  • To set up a new structure for Leaders to share and collaborate


Area of Development 5 - Leadership and Management

5.1 To further develop middle leaders

  • Link to area of development 1: Subject leaders review programmes of study
  • Work with Junior and local schools to share good practice


Area of Development 6 - Leadership and Management

6.1 To further develop the role of Governors

  • To review Governor roles and visits programme
  • To ensure opportunities for Governors to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the curriculum

If you have any questions about our priorities, please ask a member of the Senior Leadership Team.


Area of Development 7 - Personal Development

7.1 To review and improve provision for mental health in school, both pupils and staff

  • To audit current provision
  • To monitor impact of Nurture Group, Feelings Club, Learning Mentor
  • To implement Zones of Regulation throughout the school
  • To develop a programme to monitor staff well being effectively

Area of Development 8 - EYFS

8.1 To review the learning environment to ensure high quality resources are used effectively to support learning across the areas of development

  • To audit, tidy and display resources effectively
  • To ensure children are taught to use the environment effectively, building independence skills
  • To research high quality enhancements


Anna Archer July 2019