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Reception information notes September 2020 and Curriculum plan




Well I can't quite believe this is the end of the first term. This week we have had lots of fun!  We all really enjoyed our Christmas dinner!  We loved having it together with our teachers and teaching assistants.  There was music playing and we were all wearing our Christmas hats.  We also had our own little parties in our classrooms.  



In our Literacy this week we all had a look at cooking instructions.  We wrote some instructions for crispy cakes.  We later used our written instructions and made them.. We loved munching them the next day for snack.




In Maths this week we  have been solving some Christmas maths problems.  We've added up how many mince pies Santa has been eating.  We have measured with tinsel.


We would all like to thank you so much for your support.  It has been a strange term but together we have made it safe and the children have adapted and learned so much already. Thank You!  We hope you enjoy the Christmas break.  We are already looking forward to the next term and our new topics.  Merry Christmas to you all!


Reception Team




Another Christmassy week in Reception!  In our choosing time we have plenty of Christmassy activities such as Elf workshop, making sleigh's and being reindeer, wrapping presents etc.



In Literacy we learnt about writing messages in cards.  The children have had a really good go at writing their own messages in their Christmas cards.


In Maths this week we have been using Number Blocks to help us see how numbers are made up.  We have used cubes to build the characters and looked at different ways they can be built.


In Superhero training we used the parachute.  It was great fun! We had to keep the ball on the parachute whilst shaking it.


We made some Christmas hats for our school dinner next week.  We printed with sponges and added some sparkle.


We are excited about the reindeers coming tomorrow...………………..




Christmas has arrived in school!  We have started on our Christmas cards and have been making some decorations too!  The classrooms are starting to sparkle!



In Maths this week we have been using the Numicon shapes to help us see how numbers have different parts to them.  We made the number 6 in many ways: 4 +2   2+2+2  5+1   1+1+1+1+1+1  



In Literacy we heard the Christmas Story and sequenced some pictures to help us retell the story.  We had a go at writing some captions to go with the pictures.





This week in Reception we have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes. We have discussed the properties of shapes and explored shapes within our environment. We used 3D shapes to build models and 2D shapes to create pictures. 

Chestnut class went to the forest this week and used the playdough and leaves to practice our printing skills. Then we explored the ups and down and used our upper body strength to climb over the logs into the house we made!

We have also introduced a new topic this week which is 'colour and light'. We have been exploring different sources of light and what happens when you mix colours and light together by making our own stained glass windows!

Welcome to Reception!

We have 3 Reception classes at The Grove; Chestnut, Lime and Sycamore. The teachers are Miss Holt, Mrs Read, and Mrs Norton.

Welcome to the Reception blog.  Each week we will update our page to share with you some of our learning and remind you of upcoming events. 




This week we have started our topic on colour, light and celebrations. 


We have listened to the Diwali story of Rama and Sita.  We acted out the story and retold it in our own words.  We talked about how Diwali is celebrated and made our own Rangoli patterns using lots of different media, including ICT.





We all had a lovely trip to the Spinney for forest school this week.  We took some playdough with us and using natural objects such as leaves and pine cones to make imprints into the dough.  We looked closely at the veins pattern on the leaves and the patterns it made on the dough.



In Maths we have been talking about time.  We have ordered events in our day and used words such as now, then later, before and after. We looked at clock faces and know these are used to tell the time.



Thank you for all supporting your child's reading at home. Remember little and often is the key! Also remember that the Maths homework is sent home on a Friday.  The children do not need to show us anything after, it's just an idea that can consolidate the learning taking place in school. 


Reminders:  Please can any outstanding family photos be sent in.  These are just to display in the classroom.






Welcome back after half term. We hope you have enjoyed the break.  For the next two weeks you can keep up to date on what is happening in the classroom by watching the short videos uploaded by your class teacher on Seesaw.  We have all chosen a country to explore.  Chestnut are exploring Japan, Sycamores are learning about Sweden and Lime Class are looking at France.  We hope you enjoy the snippets of learning.


Remember you can access books via bug club, the login is stuck in your child's reading book.  Also another reminder if you haven't sent in a family photo then please do.






Well we cannot believe that it's the last week of the first half term.  The children have done so, so well with both their learning and following the safety rules.


This week in Literacy we have been looking at rhyme. We have listened to rhyming stories and had a go at writing rhyming words and short rhyming sentences. In phonics we recapped the sounds we have learnt so far and built words with them.


In Maths we have been looking at groups of numbers and comparing them.  We used language such as fewer, less, more.

In our topic work this week we had great fun making hibernating homes for animals.  Then had a great time mixing colours to make Autumn shades.


 We also had lots of fun exploring the pumpkins this week!




The children will be coming home with a Bug Club login.  This will be put in the front of their reading record books. This allows them to access suitable books for their level of reading.  The important part is the quizzes that come after.  This shows their comprehension.  This is just an online tool that can support your child's reading development.  Don't feel like you have to read them all.  The class teacher can login and update the books at any time.


After half term the children will bring a Maths Homework task home in a book.  As mentioned in the Zoom call, it is just a practical task that will support what the children have been learning in school.  They do not need to record anything.  Just have a look at the task and give in a go.


We will be beginning looking at 'Focus Children' after half term.  This is when the teacher chooses up to 2/3 children a week and observes them in their play and get to track where they like to play and also take their learning on in their play.  If your child is chosen then you will get to see the collections of observations at the end of the week.  Take it home and comment on it.  We hope to get through all the children in a whole term.


Thank you so much for all your support this term.  Have a lovely break.  Stay safe!




This week in Literacy the children adapted the Owl Baby Story.  They changed the characters using their own ideas and imagination.  The stories were very interesting.  We have been blending sounds in phonics and the childen have been practising writing cvc words. (consonant, vowel, consonant)


In Maths this week we have been comparing numbers and using vocabulary such as 'more' and 'less' and 'fewer'.  We looked at how it helps to line up objects that we are counting.



In topic sessions we were focussing on Autumn.  we talked about signs of Autumn and went on an Autumn walk.  The children made a collection and we used them to make Autumn sensory jars.



With all the collections of Autumn materials we used empty frames to create a picture.  The children were very creative.  Here are some of their ideas.




More fun in Reception this week...………………………….





This week in Literacy we drew our own story maps of the Owl Babies story.  We drew pictures and used some of the sounds we have learnt to show the order of the story.  We also acted it out with puppets and ourselves as characters.




In Maths we have been sorting objects.  Looking closely at colour, shape and size.  Some of us had a go at recording the sorting in our books.




In our topic work this week we were using the computers to find out more information about Owls.  The children were very good at clicking on icons and listening to the information. 


In Art and DT we looked at ways of sticking materials together.  The children then explored with a range of materials and created their very own unique owl.




Please remember to provide us with a family photo.  Those that have come in are up in our classroom.  The children enjoy seeing your faces!


A big thank you for all the harvest donations.  The children enjoyed finding out about harvest festivals and were proud of their donations.


Have a lovely weekend!!!!!





This week we were enjoying the story Owl Babies.  It lead to a lot of story telling, we also talked about what we know already about owls and recorded it pictorially in our books. The children are doing really well in phonics and we have been practicing reading and writing simple words and learning tricky words that cannot be sounded out such as 'to' 'the' 'no' and 'go'.  You can continue practicing this by looking at the children's word ladders.  If they are unsure of the letters you could sound them out for them and see if they can hear the word you are sounding out.


In our topic sessions, we read a story called 'Hibernation Station'.  We then went on to discuss hibernation and below is Chestnut children making a hibernation home.




In Maths we have been representing the number 5 in lots of different ways.  We compared it with 4 and noticed that it was one more.  Some children were noticing that 5 is made up of other parts , such as 3 and 2, 4 and 1.


We used brusho paint to create a background to our Owl pictures.  The owl pictures were created with crayon so it was interesting to see the paint brush over the crayon picture and not colour over the crayon.



Lime Class had their rescheduled forest school session on Wednesday.





At our school we have a track around the field.  We usually take part in the daily mile.  Safety restriction have not allowed us to do this, however, we have now decided that  we can go.  Classes will aim to complete the mile up to 3 times a week.  It really improves both the children's fitness and ability to concentrate in the classroom.  Here are a few photos of the children running this week.  We aim to complete three laps.





Please remember that each class like to display family photos in their role play areas so please provide your class teacher with a family photo.  It is nice for the children to see during their play too!


Please make sure that your child brings their reading book back to school on a Friday so we can collect them in and issue out a new one on a Monday.  Word Ladders need to stay in the bookbag as we may check them at any point in the week.


Have a lovely weekend!






Another week has flown by in Reception.  This week in our Literacy we were looking closely at the letters in our names and how we can use some of the letters we have learnt so far, to write some words to label things.  We leave out lots of writing opportunities in their children's choosing time to encourage them to practise these skills.




In Maths we were looking carefully at the number 4.  We noticed that it could be broken up into different groups. We looked around the classroom for patterns of 4, or four objects.  We were 4 detectives!




Another lovely week for forest school, the weather just about held out!  We all enjoyed exploring and listening to a story in the woods.




We all watched an online story called 'Smartie the Penguin'  Smartie helps us learn how to be safe when we are on the computer or any other electric devises.  The song at the end went 'Before you click, click, click, you need to think, think, think and tell someone'. 


Another exciting week of Superhero Training saw us learning how to use our 'Zoom Boots'!  You could ask your child to demonstrate this to you.




Thank you for supporting your child's learning, we can see that they have been practicing with their word ladders and reading.  Remember little and often is the key.  Have fun with the words, write them out, leave them around the house etc. 


Have a lovely weekend!




We've had a lovely sunny week this week.  This week we looked at how to wash our hands thoroughly and talked about germs.  The children created their own representations of germs and cut them out carefully, checking how to hold scissors correctly.  The children put glitter all over their hands to show germs and practiced washing them properly to get rid of all the glitter.




In Literacy we have looked at our new word ladders and practiced how to sound out the words.  These came home on Wednesday, please practice these at home.  If your child is not keen to do this, there are many creative ways we can suggest, for example, write them on a piece of paper and put them on doors in your house, they can be the password to get in rooms.  Get them to teach you how to read them or their brother/sister.  Little and often is the key!


In Maths we have been carefully counting a group of objects and looking at how numbers can be represented in different ways.


Chestnut Class and Sycamore Class had their first forest school session.  Luckily they had lovely weather and were able to explore the woods and learn about the safety procedures we follow there.  Thank you to those that came and helped.  Group 2 will be going next week.  (Lime group 1 has been rescheduled to the 30th September)




Thank you for joining us on our Zoom call this week.  We value parent/teacher relationships and in these strange times we are continuing to work hard on safe ways to keep you all 'in the know' about your children's experiences in school.  Please email or call if you have any concerns or questions. 


Here are a few more photos of the children enjoying their new environments.




Thank you again for all your support.  Just to remind you that we collect reading books in on a Friday and hand out new ones on a Monday.  This is so we can ensure the books we are issuing remain in our bubble.  Each class has their own selection and the time they are left over the weekend after a quick wipe over allows them to be safely issued to another child in our bubble the following Monday.




A warm welcome to The Grove!  We have been so impressed with the way the children have come in to the classrooms, bravely on their own.  You have all clearly done an amazing job in preparing them.  We would also like to thank you for following the very complicated settling in system, in terms of timings and following the one way system around the school.  


We have spent this week exploring all the areas in our new classrooms and learning the rules.  Obviously we have talked a lot about routines, washing hands and safety.  We have really enjoyed getting to know your children and all Teachers have commented on how settled they are already.  What a great start!  In these strange times we are fully aware that life has looked a little different and our first priority is that the children are happy to come to school and feel safe in our care, when we are confident this is the case, the learning begins! 


We have already this week began teaching our phonics.  Covering the sounds s, a, t and p.  Phonics session are taught daily for up to 15/20 minutes.  Super hero Training has been introduced to the children today.  This is a physical development program that we follow to ensure children have good core and upper body strength, needed to become a good writer.


We have talked through our golden rules, these are the rules displayed in all classrooms.  They consist of the following statements:

We are gentle.  We are kind and helpful.   We listen.   We are honest.    We work hard.   We look after property.


This week we have also been getting to know how the lunch time routine works.  The children have been very good at carrying their trays and eating independently.


We have painted a picture of ourselves wearing our uniform, carefully choosing the colours to match our clothes.


Here is a selection of photos from all three classes showing our first week in school:










Next week we will be sending home some reading books.  They will not have any words in at the beginning, they are for the children to make up a story to match the illustrations.  This way they gain confidence to pick up a book and it develops their story language.  Once we cover more sounds and learn how to build words the children will begin to bring books home with words. The books will always come home on a Monday, we will take them back on a Friday.  The children will also bring home a 'Word ladder' on Wednesday. We will practise sounding out the words on the ladder and once they can read those words we will give them a new one.  Please comment in their reading record how they are doing.


'Show and Tell' is on Fridays and the children are on a Rota, this is displayed on the window of your classroom.  Feel free to take a photo.  We will remind the children.


Each class have a WhatsApp group set up.  Please let your teacher know if you are not in it.  They can hand your number to another parent to add you. 


Forest School is next week for half of the classes. The other half go the following week.


Your classes all have a pet hamster, if you want to sign up for weekend to have them please let your teacher know.


That's all!  Thank you again for your support this week.  The children have done you proud.