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We had a lovely day.





Foot painting



Clay sculpting





Ice exploration



Glue and potpourri creations



Fun with the trundle wheels





Cardboard creations




Large scale cardboard creations


Spray art


Ball Splats



Gloopy fun with cornflour



Thank you for all your donations and help.  We had the best time and I think you can agree, the children had the BEST time too. 

Week beginning 30th November   -  Nativity


Exploration Area -   Large Scale Painting


                                            We recapped the Nativity story and looked at the characters.                                                                                                  

                   We choose a character to paint, thinking about which size brush we should use and which colours.  



Numbers and Letters Area - Positional Language.  Where is Dilly the Dragon? On, off, in, out, between, next to, under or over.  We had great fun using positional language to  tell our friends where to put Dilly the Dragon!   

"Dilly is on your head" 

"Dilly is on me shoulder."




Creative  Area - Hanging Decorations




Literacy - We retold the Nativity using costumes


   Mary and Joseph, with Baby Jesus in Mary's tummy   

       The star shows the shepherd

      and sheep the way to Bethlehem                       

     The 3 Kings
                        In The Stable  



We added a CD player to our home corner.  The children could choose their own tracks.  Some choose the party CD and enjoyed a dance.



Super Hero Training - We used power balls, 'balloons' to zap the baddies and used sponges and cloths to make our hands very strong ready for super writing and drawing. 




                     We have a new post box.  We enjoyed                       We had such fun with the white playdough and 

                    writing a letter to Santa or drawing                                   Sugar cubes. 

                    him a picture, putting it in an envelope

                   and posting it in our new box.  



 Next Week


Friday 11th December -   Christmas jumper day   AND Reindeer Day                   


We have 2 real reindeer coming to visit the Grove School.  We will be doing lots of activities reindeer inspired and we        will visit the reindeer.  SOOOOOOOO excited!!


Notices -   We are sending home spare clothes bags for those children who do not need spare clothes at school.  And feel free to send your child in some wellies and spare shoes in a bag.  The children are enjoying the outside but it is getting a little muddy. Don't forget to name them.   It's getting chilly so please ensure your child has a very warm coat.  If they have a hat and gloves please practise putting them on and PLEASE name them.  Many many thanks.

Elmer Fortnight - 


Numbers and Letters Area   Patterns.  We looked at and tried to make repeating patterns.    




Creative Area    We investigated colour mixing in many different ways 



                                                                                                                                We used two fingers to mix our colours


Exploration Area   Making large elephants outside

using crates, boxes, planks and tarpaulin  

Super Hero Training  

We zapped the baddies with our power balls  (balloons) helping our arm strength.  We then squeezed all of the water out of the sponges and wrung the flannels.  This increases our hand strength which will help with our fine motor skills. 







Christmas has arrived in Nursery.  We enjoyed decorating the Christmas Tree in our home corner. 




    We have made Elmer Advent Calendars 



                                                We drew around our hands to make the elephant      


we added colourful spots with our finger tips                         Or we added small squares of colourful paper



                                   The All Day children had fun sewing some colourful beads on to their Elmers


Next Week  Nativity

Diwali Week - Week Beginning  9th November


We have enjoyed watching and joining in with Mrs Sriram's daughter perform a traditional dance.  We ate chapatis for snack on Tuesday and listened to the story of Rama and Sita, retelling the story through drama in our coloured groups.


 Numbers and Letters Area   We created firework pictures using black paper and pastels.  We watched the teacher model zig zags, spirals and straight lines coming out of a central point to inspire our own pictures. 


Creative Area  We dramatically retold the story of Rama and Sita making a bridge to the island using wood.  We made fireworks or masks to practice out cutting skills and learnt how to use the sellotape dispenser safely and correctly.


Exploration Area We made large Rangoli collages using coloured rice, lentils, cous cous and kidney beans.  We looked at the patterns noticing that they are symmetrical.  We made sure we used the same coloured rice as our friend who was sticking  the opposite shape.  These are displayed in the main hall and on our WOW board.  


Forest school - We had the best time visiting the Greenway Spinney.  We explored the outdoor classroom and scaled up the large slopes either running down or going on our bottoms for great muddy fun. 


  P.E Firework Dance  Using classical music as an inspiration 

                      Super Hero Training     

                            Being Spider boy or girl, climbing up building using hands and feet. 

 Climbing on top of large buildings




Week Beginning 2nd November


This week we enjoyed seeing, hearing and making our own fireworks. We learnt about bonfires and listened to a poem which used 'sound' words to describe the firework display - zoom, bang, snap, sizzle and crackle.  


Numbers and Letters - Making number 3.  Using feely bags we identified 1 and 2 blocks only using our fingers.  We learnt that 1 and 2 makes three.


Creative Area - We used paint, straws and cardboard to create our own firework display pictures.  We demonstrated our cutting skills when we made our own fireworks, cutting strips of colourful paper or circles of sugar paper.  


Exploration Area - we explored different sized paint brushes to see which is the best size for our firework creations, discussing how to make the colours we didn't have by mixing paints together.  We used chalks of many colours to create colourful fireworks on the pavement. 


Forest School - The squirrels enjoyed their first session exploring all the fun pathways in the reception woods while learning about the safety sticks and which plants are too spikey to touch. 


Super Hero Training - We put on our zoom boots, increasing our power

using many little steps -then put our capes on to zoom to the baddies and zap them.         


                    Halloween yoga                                                                              Zapping the baddies       



Next week - We will be learning about Diwali, the festival of light - trying Chapatis and wearing saris while dancing to Indian music.  We will learn the story of Rama and Sita, an ancient Hindu story of good over evil. 


Poppies for sale - please bring in some coins to buy a poppy.  

Friday 13th - You can wear sport clothes and donate £1 for Children in Need

Week Beginning 12th Octobers

On Monday we went to the school hall for our individual photos.  Our teacher's were very proud of us for listening and giving the photographer our best smiles. 


Numbers and Letters:  We explored our names, counting how many letters and looking at the first letter. 


Creative Area: We used Autumn as our inspiration to create collages and pictures

  A House       A Tree


Exploration Area:  We investigated what happened to our bodies after we exercised.  We challenged ourselves to hop on one leg for a minute.  Some children noticed that their hearts beat faster, some noticed their breathing went faster and some felt a little tired. 


This week we went to the spinney for forest school



In P.E. we jumped, ran and practised following instructions                            We were super heroes, zapping baddies in the garden



     Mrs Littlefair was pampered in our hairdressers                          Watching Number Blocks


Week Beg 5.10.20


What a fun week. 

We have checked our slug eggs daily, but they haven't changed yet.  The vets opened -






we had many people coming to the waiting room with their sick animals.  The vets were very professional, asking what was wrong with the animal and giving it the medicine it needed.  Thank you everyone for looking after the animal so well ensuring they don't get muddy on the floor.  


Numbers and Letters:   We used the counting bears in cups.  How many in your cup? Two friends together - Whose cup has more?  Whose cup has less?  The whole amount (two cups together).  

Creative Area:    We made a joint collage using materials that match our group colour. 

Exploration Area:    We created portraits using natural materials around the garden. Shells, stones, leaves and twigs. 



On Thursday we started forest school.  The hedgehogs went to the reception woods to learn the basic rules and routines ready for our big trip to the spinney next week.  Questions to ask.   What do the big sticks in a cross mean? (We can't go past them).  Are we allowed to go in front of the first teacher or fall behind the last teacher? (NO)  Which plants should we be careful of? (Holly, stinging nettles, bramble).  What do we shout if we see dog poo? (POO ALERT).  What do we do near dogs? (We may not stroke them, even if we know the owner and we stand still if a dog comes up to us.)  Are we allowed to climb and slide down the muddy slopes? (Yes ).   Are we allowed to touch any wildlife? (No, leave them alone.) We can't wait for next week.  We will take our snack and for an extra treat - we have hot chocolate, yummy.  


On Friday The Hedgehogs did PE.  They were jumping and making stars, jumping to reach the moon and practising following instructions by picking up the cones, running around being careful of others and stopping when the teacher said stop.    The Squirrels were 'SUPER HEROES'  We had special power scarves, we learnt how to increase our power, circling our arms and then zapp the pretend baddies in the nursery garden.  We ran around so much we discovered our breathing and hearts went faster.  


Thank you for all the supplies to help our hairdressers and thank you for our volunteers for forest school.  We need one more for the morning session, 22nd Oct. 


Lastly - we have collected quite a few cute yellow and blue girl's cardigans.  Please have a look.  And please remember to label clothes the children are likely to remove so we can find the rightful owner more easily.  


Don't forget.  Individual photos on Monday.  We will be first so please don't be late.



Nursery information notes September 2020 and Curriculum plan

Welcome to the Nursery blog.  Each week we will update our page to share with you some of our learning and remind you of upcoming events.


We have three colour groups in nursery: Blue, Red and Yellow. Mrs Turnpenny is the nursery teacher and there are four early years practitioners Miss Wilding, Mrs Littlefair, Mrs Sriram and Mrs Tomic.

Dates to remember this half term

Friday 9th October Harvest Collection

Monday 12th October school photographer

Monday 26th-Friday 30th October half term holiday

Monday 2nd November INSET Day school closed

W/B 28.9.20


Numbers and letters area: this week we learnt the pencil grip song to help us hold our pens and pencils correctly. The children then had the opportunity to choose their own mark making tool and experiment with making marks on small and big paper.


Creative area: this week we learnt about scissor safety and how to hold our scissors correctly to cut. The children then had to opportunity to practise cutting different types of paper.


Exploration area: this week we were using our bodies to balance, scoot, hop, jump and lots of other gross motor skills.

Numberblocks: we had our first Numberblocks session this week. We looked at number one.


we found slug eggs in the garden! We are waiting to see if they hatch!



Don't forget!

forest school is on thursday 8th in the school grounds. If your child is a hedgehog, please bring them to nursery dressed and ready for the woods- warm coat and welly boots. Thank you


We have had a very busy two weeks settling into nursery, learning new routines and getting to know the adults and the children in our colour groups.


This week we have been exploring the three areas of the nursery in our group times.

In the numbers and letters area we practiced pencil skills and counting.

In the creative area we practiced our cutting skills.

In the exploration area we practiced putting on our own coat.


In circle time this week the children were introduced to the Bear Zone where they can go to help manage their feelings. This week we spoke about the red and green bears. Feeling red might be feeling cross or angry, hurting others and not ready to learn. Feeling green might be feeling happy, calm and ready to learn.



Please can we have any size shoe boxes.

Wet wipes and full boxes of tissues.

Thank you 😊