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Growing Tree

Week beginning 14th September 2020

This week we celebrated and recognised the learning behaviours of:


Eleanor has been building her confidence by sharing her ideas with adult and her friends - well done!

Year 1

Jana has been sharing her ideas with her talk partner and using her words, Heidi listens very carefully, tried her best and has worked very hard and George has been extremely helpful and tried his best in every lesson.

Year 2

Daisy has worked very well in a pair and made great progress in PE learning catching skills this week, Max really persevered when writing his recount - great job! - and Megan is trying hard every day, showing determination and setting a great example. 

Week Beginning 7th September 2020

This week we celebrated and recognised the learning behaviours of:

Year 2

Millie in Ash for great effort, Nafeez in Pine for good thinking skills and Maggie for being a delightful, helpful and polite class member - all of these behaviours are very important at this time of year!

Year 1

Freddie in Maple for his effort with reading, Noah in Beech for his smile, have a go attitude and excellent work with his talk partner, and Dexter for showing his understanding of the class rules in Willow - all of these things make us very happy indeed!





   Our Learning Tree sprouts new leaves.                                                          Who has shown they are a good learner?

Growth Mindset

At The Grove we encourage children to recognise that EFFORT is the thing we value most.  If you do your spelling test and always get 10/10, then are you learning?  Maybe, but maybe not!  And then, one week, you suddenly only get 7/10.  How do you feel?

The bottom line is, that we learn through trying difficult new things, sometimes getting it wrong, but through putting in a lot of effort we eventually get it right.  So children have to be prepared to keep going, accept failure and feel ok about making mistakes.

The modern world often shelters children from these challenges, and at some children need a lot of encouragement to keep going.  Every week children are selected by teaching staff for recognition and praise if they have demonstrated growth mindset.  It might be connected to their academic progress, but it could also be for some other aspect of school life: being a better friend, demonstrating great persistence or something else!

In the hall the tree sprouts leaves, that remind us all how well everyone is getting on: growing our brains!