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What a busy termangel, we have all settled into our classes well and "grown our brains" with lots of different learning activities happening each week.

We can't quite believe it's the end of half term today but we are looking forward to spending some quality time with our families, enjoying the Autumn sunshine( hopefully ) and have a rest.

In English this week we enjoyed looking at the text "Gruffalo Crumble" and other recipes. It is full of lots of lots of delicious recipes.

We looked at how to make Fox's Sandwiches and talked about using "Bossy Verbs " at the start of our instruction sentences.

We thought about the order instructions come in and making sure they are clearly written and make sense.

We sequenced, how to wash our hands and how to clean our teeth to help teach the Gruffalo to be clean and healthy.

Next we thought about piecing two parts of a sentence together, and which parts came first for the sentence to flow and make sense.

Then we learnt about using and as a connective to join two shorter sentences together such as Take off your coat and hang it up. We looked at the verbs and nouns we use in sentences.


In Maths we had fun using Numicon to find missing parts of number bonds. We also looked at using tens frames to identify different number bond combinations.


We practices writing our own part, part whole models and adding 2 numbers to make the whole part.

We worked out numbers which were greater than and less than in the parts.

In Science we thought about wild and tame animals and which animals make great pets. We thought about what pets need to keep them safe, happy and well. We discussed the role of vets and how we care for our own particular pets at home. We thought about our wish lists of animals we like but talked about why some animals would not enjoy being a pet (  much as we would like a cuddly Koala, or a beautiful tiger!wink)

In D and T we enjoyed painting our clay animals ,choosing accurate colours and patterns. We used thin and thick brushes and painted with care. We hope you enjoy our small scale, clay sculptures.

After painting our clay animals we evaluated our designs, looking at what was good and what we could improve next time.

In Art we thought about the Autumn colours all around us,. we observed leaves, their colours, patterns and shapes. Some of us used water colours to match colours to leaves we'd found. Others did some leave printing and painting. Some children made leaf art by sticking leaves onto paper to create "Leaf Animals".

In Geography we thought about the local area around our school. we walked around the school grounds and looked at landmarks. We enjoyed looking at Google Maps and finding out Street names and houses. We were amazed to see we could zoom in and look at our front doors. We highlighted our house on a street maps.

In P.S.H.E  we talked about our all the areas we had covered in our first Jigsaw piece this term..."Being Me In My World".

These were1. Helping others feel welcome 2. Trying to make our school community a better place. 3. Thinking about everyone's right to learn. 4. Caring about other people's feelings. 5. Working well with others and 6. Choosing to follow the learning charter. We did some calm breathing and reflected on what we enjoy at school.


It was lovely to speak to parents this week and discuss your children and their achievements this term. We look forward to seeing them in November and helping them to progress socially, emotionally and academically. Until then we wish you a happy, restful half term.

We have our community topics for the first 2 weeks where Maple will be heading to Jamaica, Willow will be nearer to home in Ireland and Beech are going to be learning about Spain. We hope the children will enjoy finding out about our wilder world and community.

Stay safe and take care of each other.

The Year 1 Teamsmiley