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School Forum

School Forum started on the 23rd September with a meeting, in bright sunshine, in our large Courtyard.  The 12 Year 2 children met with Mrs Prince, the Deputy Head, and had a wide ranging discussion around things that could be changed, improved or introduced at The Grove Infant and Nursery School.


Each half term a group of 12 children will have the power to influence what happens at school.  This half term these children are:

Oak Class Pine Class Ash Class
Chloe Sam R Catherine
Jessica Sohan Margot
Harry W Isabelle James
Benjy Freya Ollie S

After a selection of wonderful ideas, including playground equipment, extra playtime, themed days, improving behaviour and food served in the Dining Room, we settled upon a Foodie Friday. Once Mrs Prince had spoken with Mrs Price, our Cook Manager, we were able to get the go ahead for a Gourmet Burger Day which is going to happen on the final Friday of this half term.  This we will keep going for the rest of the academic year, and the Forum children have come up with a wonderful selection of foods that they would like to see on these special days - such things as Calamari, Prawns and Noodles, Mussels or Fish and Chips!!!  Mrs Price did look slightly worried when I made these suggestions, but we have plans for a Curry to come on the menu towards the end of November.  The end of term special will, of course, be Christmas Dinner - a really popular and special meal that we all really enjoy.


After half term a new group of children will be elected to the Forum and we shall see what they would like to tackle next.