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School Development Plan

School Development Plan summary 2016-17


Every year the School Leadership Team, in consultation with stakeholders, decide upon priorities for improvement for the coming year or more.  A summary of our action plan for the next academic year is attached: comments welcome.

School Development Plan 2016 - 17

Every year the School Leadership team reviews the strategic plans for the future: improving progress and raising attainment are always our focus and we consider all aspects of our provision and practice to see where changes are needed.  Often priorities for improvement remain part of the SDP for several years as we introduce and then embed new strategies and initiatives, and review the impact of our plans.  The following information is a summary of our current SDP.


Area of Development 1 – Leadership and Management

1.1 To ensure that our teaching and learning provision supports excellent achievement and progress for all, particularly for any groups of learners who need specific support.

  • To target interventions to close the gap in achievement and progress for children with SEND

  • To continue to undertake specialist training to build the skills of staff throughout the school, including teachers, teaching assistants and midday supervisory assistants.

  • To monitor and assess the impact of the Pupil Premium Grant on the progress and achievement of those eligible, and continue to look for ways to enhance their education.

1.2 To upgrade the school website, and ensure that it meets the needs of the school community

  • Consult with stakeholders, identifying priorities

  • Launch during the Autumn term!

  • Gather feedback and review


Area of Development 2 – Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

2.1 To embed new assessment processes and ensure that it supports progress and attainment across the school

  • To embed systems for tracking pupils’ achievement and progress in relation to Age Related Expectations.

  • To moderate judgements to ensure effective assessment criteria provide a clear picture of what pupils can do and what they need to do next.

2.2 To review Arts provision across the school, and ensure that it remains high quality, meets the needs of pupils and enhances learning across the curriculum.

  • Audit provision

  • Write an Action plan, identifying areas for development

  • Organise staff training where appropriate

  • Reaccredit with Artsmark (Aiming for ‘Gold’ for the 5th time!)


Area of Development 3 – Personal Development and Welfare

3.1 To ensure that children adopt healthy lifestyles 

  • To audit school practices and provision using the Healthy Schools accreditation as a vehicle for review

  • To increase physical activity, through employing a Sports Apprentice to work alongside our Sports Coach

  • To ensure all staff have access to high quality training in PE

  • To review cooking in the curriculum

  • To include children in School Development through TED teams


Area of Development 4 – Outcomes for Pupils

4.1 To continue with the development of the teaching of Mathematics in line with the new Primary Curriculum

  • To continue to monitor and evaluate the impact of a CPA approach

  • To support staff with training and resources

  • To monitor outcomes from EYFS to KS1

  • To organise interventions that support learners make sustained progress


Area of Development 5 – EYFS

5.1 To continue to enhance the outdoor area

  • Installation of canopy

  • Reorganisation and supplementation of resources for outdoor learning


If you have any questions about our priorities, please ask a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Anna Archer May 2016

SDP Summary 2015-16