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Reception Parent Information Meeting Notes - September 2017

Welcome to Reception!

We have 3 Reception classes at The Grove; Chestnut, Lime and Sycamore. The teachers are Miss George, Miss McDermid, and Mrs Norton.

Welcome to the Reception blog.  Each week we will update our page to share with you some of our learning and remind you of upcoming events.  The children help write the blog and we often share photos too.

Welcome back to school.

We hope everyone had a really relaxing break and is now raring to go!

Reception staff and children will update this page weekly to keep parents in the loop - try to remember to log on and catch up on what we have been doing.



We have had a busy few days!  Last Friday was our first full time day, and despite some tired bodies, everyone left smiling.  Often the children are hungry at pick up and it would be useful if you could have a healthy snack to give them at the end of the school day.  You might find your child is quite tired after a full day at school.  We try really hard to be flexible around the children's needs but the day is long for some children. If they are a bit tired and grumbly, it helps to maintain a smile and help them focus on the positive parts of the day - there is always something (Lunch for example!).  If you have any concerns at all then please speak to your child's class teacher to arrange an appointment.  We are happy to help and support if we can. 


Over the last seven days we have been learning about the classroom rules.  Each class created their 'Classroom Charter', and a copy was also sent home.  We have been encouraging children to be independent - washing up their snack plate, putting on their shoes, going to the toilet independently.  Please encourage them to be as independent as possible at home. 


We have been learning about the importance of hand washing.  We made posters for our cloakroom area and talked about when and how we wash our hands.  Below is a link to a song about hand washing.  Why not watch it with your child and remind them how to wash their hands at home?


In phonics we have now covered the sounds s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d.  We have been playing lots of oral blending and segmenting games and using magnetic letters to make these words.  There are lots of games you can play at home, such as I spy or 'Can you find a...'  (In this game you say 'Can you find a c-u-p?' and the child has to run and find that object before you count to twenty).  


Next week we will be practising writing our name and forming our letters correctly.  We will also be looking at numbers 1-10, ordering, counting and representing numbers using a tens frame.  We will also be learning how to use a simple paint programme on the computer to create a picture.  We will continue to learn the class rules and routines and support the children to develop friendships. 


Don't forget...


  • Thursday 28th September - Open classrooms (Come in after school and look around the classroom and see your child's work)
  • Friday 29th September - McMillian Coffee Morning

Welcome!  We have all enjoyed our first week at school and have been busy learning the class routines and making new friends.  It's lovely to see so many smiley faces in the morning!  If you have any concerns or need a quick chat then please sign up to see your child's teacher on the sign up sheet in the class window. 


Next week...


  • Thursday 14th - Parent Information Morning at 9.05.  Try and come along, it's useful to hear about our topics and find out about general 'house keeping'. 
  • Thursday 14th - All children stay for lunch.
  • Friday 15th - Reception ALL DAY smiley