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Welcome to Reception!

We have 3 Reception classes at The Grove; Chestnut, Lime and Sycamore. The teachers are Mrs Read, Mrs Prince, Mrs Norton, Mrs Connolly and Miss George.

Welcome to the Reception blog.  Each week we will update our page to share with you some of our learning and remind you of upcoming events.  The children help write the blog and we often share photos too.

Family Morning 2017 - Podcast

Dr Corol recorded throughout the morning and has created a podcast. Listen and see what you think! Thanks to Dr Corol for putting it together so professionally.



A belated welcome back after the half-term break.  We hope you're all feeling fully rested, ready to tackle the final Summer half term.  Our topic this half term is 'Underground'.  We have already looked at where food comes from and how plants grow.  Last week in Maths we were looking at 3d shapes.  We were learning to name and describe them, using words like sphere, curved and faces.  Some children made models with the 3d shapes, and thought carefully about which shapes are best for stacking and which are best for rolling.  Last week we enjoyed our art morning.  We visited each classroom and completed different activities - watch out for our finished products in our class assembly on Friday.  Thanks to all the volunteers who supported us on the day.  We couldn't have done it without you!


This week we have started to learn about mini-beasts.  We have written clues for our friends to guess the mini-beast and explored outside for bugs.  It was great fun!  In maths we have been learning to solving addition problems by counting on from a number. 


We have also been busy practising our show and sports day races - fun had all round!


Don't forget...


  • FAMILY MORNING ON FRIDAY 23RD.  It lasts the morning, we hope to see as many of you there as possible.
  • Saturday is our Summer Fair.
  • Children need to have sun hats everyday.
Picture 1 Building models with 3d shapes
Picture 2 Art morning - ugly bug hats
Picture 3 Art morning - tennis ball art



Another busy week in Reception.  We went to Tesco's to find out about where our food comes from and how the shops get it to the shelves for us to buy.  We went behind the scenes to see how the deliveries are sorted and spoke to some of the staff.  We went inside the giant freezer and fridge and saw how they stored the food so it stayed nice and fresh.  Then we went to the fish counter and learnt the names of some different fish and even touched a Mackrel.  After that we tried some different fruits and breads.  It was great fun.  Thank you to Lauren and Trina and all the staff at Tesco's Hatfield for making us feel so welcome. 


It was finally time to make our healthy breakfasts this week.  We made the porridge and followed our designs, adding healthy toppings such as strawberries, bananas and blueberries.  Some of the fruit we had to chop into small pieces.  'I put banana chips on it, I had basically all the fruit, but the blueberries and the strawberries were the best,' said Zac from Chestnut class. 


In Maths this week we have been using directional language to direct our robot friends and programme beebots to move.  We have been using words like forwards, backwards, turn, left and right to describe direction. 


We have planted our tubs this week and they look great.  We thought about what plants needed to grow and filled our pots with soil, made a hole for our flowers, placed them in carefully before adding more soil and water. 


Next week is half-term.  Have a restful break.  Don't forget we come back to school on TUESDAY 6th June.  We look forward to seeing you all then when we start our 'Under the ground' topic. 



We have been busy this week helping different story tale characters - Goldilocks and the Three bears.  We helped Goldilocks design a healthy breakfast to make it up to the three bears.  We thought carefully about healthy toppings and wrote our shopping lists so we know what we need to buy.  Next week we will be following the designs and making our delicious breakfasts.  We also helped the Three bears make latches for their doors (to stop any more intruders entering their home).  We looked at different joining approaches then had a go at making them.  We used split pins, lollipop sticks, elastic bands, pegs, pipe cleaners and paper clips.  Lots of problem solving and fun ensued!


We have been painting to music and changing the marks and speed we paint depending on the music. 


In Maths we have been solving problems around sharing.  James from Chestnut class said 'I've got two, but if I cut them in half then everyone can have one, then that's four and a half each.' 


Next week is a busy one.  We will be programming Beebots and using words like forwards, backwards, left, right and turn to describe direction.  We will be writing about our trip and following our designs to make our healthy breakfast. 


Don't forget school photographer is on Monday.  We will be going on our school trip to Tescos in Hatfield.  Lime is going on Tuesday and Chestnut and Sycamore will be going on Wednesday.  Chestnut still has space for two more volunteers - we're going in the morning and will be back at 11.30.  Please see Miss George if you can help. 





Another busy week.  This week we have been learning how to halve shapes, objects and then quantities.  We cut fruit and shapes in half and coloured in half of a picture.  Then we explored halving a number, making sure each group had the same amount. 


In Literacy we made some fantastic 'Wanted' posters for Mr. Fox.  First we made a list of describing words to describe what he looks like and his personality before writing our posters.


The Gingerbread man left us clues to follow.  We had to work as a team to read them and work out where to go next. 


In PE we have been learning to dance around the Maypole.  We had great fun doing it and making patterns with the ribbons. 


Next week we will be learning to solve sharing problems in Maths.  Our topic work will be designing a healthy breakfast for Goldilocks and writing a shopping list of all the ingredients we will need. 


Don't forget on Tuesday 16th May it is OPEN CLASSROOMS.  We look forward to seeing you there. 



Well we've all enjoyed helping the Gingerbread man get across the river.  Some children made paper aeroplanes, cars and ramps and catapults.  We measured how far each 'vehicle' travelled and recorded our answer in centimetres. 


In Literacy we have continued to learn the Gingerbread Man story by heart and act out the story in small groups. 


As a school we have adopted the 'Take one picture' project.  This term we have been looking at the artist Georgia O'Keeffe and studying her flower paintings.  We then created our own flowers, or worked in a group to create a large scale one, which will be displayed in the hall with the other classes work. 


Photos to follow...


Next week we will be learning how to halve a shape then a quantity.  The children need to know that when we half we are sharing it between two and that each group has the same amount.  We will be using the vocabulary of halving, half, less, more, equal, same. 


We will also be exploring characters from traditional tales in more depth and creating 'Wanted' posters. 


Please note we are requesting that children bring in a 9 inch (ish) plant pot next week (by Friday 13th) which the children will use to plant some flowers.  After they've been at school for a while the children will take them home to live in your garden.  Any questions please speak to your class teacher.




In Literacy this week we have sequenced and created story maps about 'The Gingerbread Man'.  Afterwards we used them to help us to write all or part of the Gingerbread man story.  The work was fantastic!  We spend a long time learning stories with repeated 'Story language' and it was lovely to see the children apply words like 'Once upon a time', 'suddenly' and 'unfortunately' into their writing.  If your child is writing sentences at home, please encourage them to remember capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.


In Maths we have been learning how to double a number.

Daisy S from Chestnut class said 'It's adding, it's the same number and the same number again.'  We learnt some double facts by heart and used Numicon to double a number and find the total.


We have also been looking at maps.  We use maps to help us retell a story and to help us find different places.  We created story maps and our own town maps, plotting important landmarks and writing road names.  Some of the children knew which road they lived on and drew it on the map too!  Our Forest school activity links to creating maps to get to the Spinney, so each group will be continuing our map work over the Summer term. 


Next week we will be learning...

  • To measure length in centimetres,
  • To solve mathematical problems and talk about how I solved them,
  • To learn the story of the Gingerbread man by heart,
  • To work as part of a group to act out a narrative.


Monday 1st May is a BANK HOLIDAY!  See you all on Tuesday.



Welcome back!  Can you believe we are in the Summer term already???  Time flies when we're having so much fun!  The children wrote recounts and drew pictures about their Easter break and it sounds like they all had a wonderful time.


We are excited to start our 'Traditional Tales' topic.  In each classroom a tiny, magical door has appeared in the classroom.  We wondered who it might belong to and what might be behind it.  We didn't have to wait long for a few days later a letter and parcel arrived.  The letter was from the Gingerbread man, who explained that the door was a magic entrance to the Traditional World Kingdom.  He left us some gingerbread men to decorate and 'The Gingerbread man' story to read and enjoy.  In Maths this week we have been learning to recognise, name and write teen numbers.  Some classes wrote teen numbers on their gingerbread men.  We had to remember that numeral 'one' came first. 


Chestnut group one went to the Spinney today and had a great time.  We created maps for others to follow, plotting important landmarks on the way.  We even had a go at writing the words down too!  Once at the Spinney we had snack and enjoyed playing on the up and down slopes.  Everyone was much more confident getting up and down, even the teachers.


Next week we will be acting out the Gingerbread man story, creating story maps and having a go at writing the story in order.  In Maths we will be learning how to 'double' a number to five.  Below is a link to a doubling game if you would like to practise in the week. 



Don't forget Information Meeting on MONDAY 24th APRIL at 9am.  We look forward to seeing you there. 





Easter week and we have been very busy!  We have been learning about why and how people celebrate Easter.  We know that it is a special time of year for Christians and it celebrates new life.  We wrote Easter cards, made Easter baskets and are looking forward to our egg hunt tomorrow!


We have been learning about recipes and have read, written and followed a recipe for Lemon Tarts.  We rolled the pastry, cut it with a cookie cutter before filling with lemon curd and baking in the oven.  They were delicious.


In Maths we have been learning about and using positional language (such as in, under, behind, next to).  We had to identify where the eggs were in the classroom, using positional language.  In Chestnut class we read the story 'My cat likes to hide in boxes' by Eve Sutton.  In the hall we acted out the story - changing our position in the boxes each time. 


After the break we start our 'Traditional Tales' topic and are looking forward to lots of story telling.  When we come back we will be writing about our break, looking at teen numbers and exploring 'The Gingerbread Man' story.  We return to school on Tuesday 18th April. 


Don't forget we finish at 2pm tomorrow (Friday).


Have a wonderful, restful Easter break!




Summer Term Week 1 & 2 FOREST SCHOOLS


Friday PM 21st April - Chestnut Forest School Group 1

Friday PM 28th April - Chestnut Forest School Group 2



Another busy few weeks.  Thank you to all who attended Teacher Consultations.  We hope you found them informative and enjoyed looking at your child's books. 


This week we have been learning to count in twos.  We have been completing lots of exciting activities including jumping up in twos on a number line, making 'counting in two' bracelets, solving problems and looking at the story of Noah's Ark. 


'2,4,6,8,10,12, we're skipping a number and using our brains' said Freya from Chestnut class.  Ask your child how high they can reach counting in twos.


We have been detectives this week - spotting the signs of Spring around our school.  We learnt and adapted a Spring poem, created observational drawings of Daffodils and went on a Spring watch.  We have been learning the words catkins, buds, blossom, daffodils, seeds and bulbs. 


Next week is Easter and we have lots of exciting activities planned, including learning about how people celebrate Easter, making Lemon tarts, writing recipes, exploring positional language (in, under, on top, next to etc.) and completing an Easter egg hunt.  Lots to look forward to!





Another busy, exciting week in Reception!  We have been learning the story of 'The Three Hungry Dinosaurs' (which is very similar to 'The Three Billy Goats' story).  We made story bracelets to help us retell it in order and acted out the story as a group.  Ask your child if they can remember the story and perform it to you!


In Maths we have been learning how to 'take away'.  Some of us have been using objects to help us whilst others have been learning to put the first number in our head and count back to find the answer.  We will be continuing this next week. 


In our classes we have been working to make a collaborative art piece.  Each class made a giant dinosaur, looking carefully at how we can join the Modrock, boxes and chicken wire together.  They look great and will be displayed around the school - keep an eye out for them.


Did you know that most dinosaurs lay eggs?  We found this out in information books and using search engines.  Afterwards we use Binca and wool to sew a pattern on our eggs.  Some of us even managed a running stitch. 


Did you know that some dinosaurs eat meat and some eat plants?  We also found this out in information books.  Some of the children even knew the words 'herbivores' and 'carnivores' to describe the dinosaurs.  We made a 'herbivore' garden in our classes for the baby dinosaurs that hatched (which have still yet to be seen).  We planted cress seeds and thought what they would need to grow. 


We are very excited to have a new bird box with a camera inside installed outside Lime class.  We are hoping that some birds make their home in it soon so we can watch them build their nest.  Next week we will be looking at what birds need to live, how we can help them and finding out about common British birds we might see around our school.  The camera goes live soon, so watch this space...


It's Book Week and we have been exploring lots of lovely stories and poems.  We have been explore alliteration and making funny sentences and alliterative poems.  'It's when the letters are the same,' said Luke from Chestnut class.  'Stegosaurus likes sausage sandwiches,' said Daisy H.


We have been learning about dinosaurs and have been sorting them into groups.  Sophia from Chestnut class said 'Some dinosaurs have two legs and some have four.' 


In Maths we have been learning how to estimate.  'It means when you are having a thinking guess,' said Fifi from Chestnut class.


We were surprised on Friday to find the eggs in our classroom had hatched!  No animal was found but clues were left, including some very interesting, dinosaur-shaped footprints.  I'm sure next week we will find out what was growing in our egg...


Welcome back!  We hope you all had a restful half-term break and are ready for our new topic - 'Dinosaurs'.  We have been intrigued in class this week - large colourful eggs have been found in the classrooms.  We've been guessing what kind of creature might be growing inside, but won't know more until they hatch!


We've been really lucky this week to work with Garry Parsons, a children's book illustrator.  He talked to the whole school about what being an illustrator entails and shared some of his stories.  Afterwards each class worked with Garry on their own illustrations, inspired by some of his stories.  'The dinosaur that pooped a planet' was a particular favourite amongst Reception.  The children all really enjoyed the workshop and were enthused to create art work back in the classroom. 


Next week is Book week and we have lots of 'Bookish' activities planned.  Remember, to dress up as your favourite book character on Thursday  (World Book Day).  We look forward to seeing your costumes!

Picture 1 Illustration workshop
Picture 2 Illustration workshop
Picture 3 Illustration workshop



Wow - what fun we've had learning all about Antarctica and penguins.  In Literacy we have been comparing different habitats, looking closely at what it might be like to live in Antarctica, the woods and other places around the world.  We decided that penguins would prefer to live in Antarctica than the woods and decided it was time to say 'Goodbye' to our penguin visitors.


Over the last few weeks we have been learning how to join materials together and how to fold paper to create different effects.  This week we brought all of those skills together to make a pop up Antarctica habitat.  Some children added flaps, folded springs and added levers to make their scene more interesting.  We all enjoyed making them!


We hope you were able to make our story performance on Wednesday - the children were fantastic at reciting the story of 'The Three Little Penguins'.  You might of noticed we used actions for key words.  This is to help children become fantastic story tellers (and writers) and draw upon all the lovely rich language we hear in stories.  If you missed it why not ask your child to recite it at home??


The children have worked super hard this half-term and are ready for the half-term break next week.  When we return we will be starting our new topic - dinosaurs.  We have a visiting illustrator called Garry Parsons (Dinosaur that pooped a planet) working with us on the Wednesday back, so lots to look forward to.


We wish you all a restful, fun-filled break and look forward to seeing you on Monday 20th February.   


Pop up pictures

Chinese New Year



This week we have taken a detour from our Antarctica topic and have been learning about Chinese New Year. 

On Monday we had a Chinese Dance workshop.  First we watched the professionals perform a lion dance, then we all had a go under the costume and danced around the hall.  It was a lot of fun!  As well as the dancing we explored lots of other activities including exploring Chinese symbols, learning how people celebrate Chinese New Year, making lanterns and making our own dragon puppets.  To make the puppets we had to carefully fold the paper into a concertina to create a bendy shape. 


Here's what some of the children said about our week of learning...


'They use red and gold because they are lucky colours,' said Sophie (Chestnut)


'They have dragons...they're dancing,' said Yunus (Chestnut)


In Maths we continued to explore money and were adding the coins together to make a total.  We had to remember that a 2p was the same as having two 1p coins when adding. 


Thank you to all who attended the open classroom yesterday.  We hope you enjoyed looking at your children's books and the work on displays. 


Next week: On Wednesday 8th at 2.45pm we will be performing our story (weather permitting) on the steps outside Chestnut class.   We hope to see you there! 



This week we have been exploring coins, noticing patterns, shapes, size and colour.  We have begun to recognise and name one, two and five pence pieces and have begun to add small quantities together to find the total.  Next week we will be continuing this work and adding coins together, knowing that a two pence is the same as having two one pence coins. 


In Literacy we have been learning the story of 'The Three Little Penguins'.  It is very similar to 'The Three Little Pigs' but with penguins and a big bad leopard seal.  We use signs and actions to help retell the story and learn it by heart.  Ask your child if they know any parts that they could retell to you.


We were really lucky to have a lady from 'Perform' come and do a workshop this week.  We pretended to go to the fairy tale forest to get back the fairy tale book from the wicked red queen.  All the children really enjoyed it.


Next week we will be learning about Chinese New Year and have a 'Dragon dance' workshop on Monday. 

Don't forget Open Classrooms on Thursday 2nd February after school.  Come in and see all the lovely work we have been doing. 



Happy New Year and welcome back to you all.  We hope you had a wonderful break and are fully rested, ready to start the Spring term.  This half-term our topic is 'Ice, ice, penguins'.  We started our topic off with a bit of a surprise.  Each class received a box and inside was a penguin who had travelled all the way from Antarctica.  Alongside the penguin was a letter explaining that the penguins were going to stay with us for a few weeks to help us with our learning.  We made mind maps about what we know already about our topic and then looked in information books to find out more facts. 


In maths we have been learning about 3d shapes.  We have been learning their names and using words like 'curved', 'flat', 'edges' and 'corners' to describe them.


Next week: Reception Information Meeting on Wednesday 18th January @ 9am.



We have been very busy with Christmas this week.  We've helped Santa in the elf workshop - wrapping presents, making treats, designing toys and making magic reindeer food. 


Fun was had by all at the class parties, with dancing, games and yummy treats.


A big well done to the children who supported Nursery in their Nativity performance, singing beautifully in the choir.  You were fantastic! 


After the Christmas break we will be returning on Monday 9th January to start our 'Ice and Penguins' topic.  You will find out more about what we are doing on our information meeting on Wednesday 18th January.


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2017!


The Reception Team x



Another busy week in Reception!  We have been getting into the Christmas spirit - making cards and goodies to eat.  We watched a clip from 'The Snowman' by Raymond Briggs and talked about why the snowman melted.  Then in guided writing we wrote why our own snowmen melted and had some fantastic ideas.  Here are a few of our ideas...


'He was next to a dragon who breathed fire,' said Oscar from Chestnut.

'He went to Africa,' said Sam from Chestnut.

'He sat in the boiling sun,' said Sophie.


Reception and KS1 all went to St.Johns Church to sing Christmas songs.  It was great fun and the children sounded fantastic!


Thank you to all who attended our Family Evening.  We hope you enjoyed looking at the children's work and it got you in that Christmas spirit.



We have been learning about the Nativity story. 

'The little Lord Jesus was born,' said Lucy from Lime class. 

'The shepherds followed the star to get to Jesus,' said Emily from Chestnut Class.

'Mary and Joseph were in the stable,' said Harry from Sycamore class.





We all really enjoyed our trip to St. Albans Cathedral on Wednesday.  The children explored shape and colour, looking at the different patterns and shapes they could see in the stained glass windows and around the Cathedral.  We all made a shape hat too. 


In the classroom we have been learning about sources of light and have been especially looking at lights in the Cathedral and at Christmas time.  We all enjoyed playing with torches to create different shadows.  James from Chestnut class said 'When it (the torch) gets near it (the object) it makes the shadow really small.  And if you move it away it gets big.' 


Next week we will be learning about the Nativity story.  We will be acting out the story and identifying the main characters.  We will also be making Christmas cards and beginning to explore Christmas traditions. 



This week we have been learning about Cathedrals in preparation for our trip to St.Albans Abbey next week.  We have been naming key features, exploring stained glass windows and creating sculptures of Cathedrals.  We are all looking forward to our trip on Wednesday.



  • Tomorrow is non-uniform day.  You may come dressed in your normal clothes.
  • Saturday is our Christmas fair - we hope to see lots of you there getting into the Christmas spirit.
  • Please label all jumpers with your child's name - it makes our job easier to reunite your child with their lost piece of clothing.
  • Can you volunteer and hear readers?  This is a great time of year when lots of children are now ready to read and need lots of practise.  Please speak to your child's class teacher if you are able to support us.  Especially Chestnut class parents - we are looking a little thin on the ground!  Many thanks in advance. 
Picture 1 Working together to create a Cathedral

Reception Sharing Assembly 14th November 2016

One of our parents made an excellent podcast of the Assembly - have a listen!
Thank you to Ms Corol.



Another busy week!  Today we performed our year group assembly and we were FANTASTIC!  We hope all who attended enjoyed the show and feel proud of all the hard work your children have been doing in such a short time in Reception.


This week we have been exploring practical addition.  We used lots of different resources to solve addition problems and show our thinking.  Below are pictures of some of the ways children in Chestnut class showed addition problems. 


We have also been learning how to write sounds, words and some of us have been learning how to write simple sentences. 


Next week we will be exploring 'Colour' and focussing on the story 'The Dot' by Peter H. Reynolds.  The story is about a little girl who feels she is rubbish at art, but by the end she finds her creative spirit.  We will be creating lots of beautiful dots and exploring different medias.  We will also be exploring practical subtraction, using words like 'take away' and 'less'. 



Welcome back after the half-term break.  We hope you all had a peaceful time and are ready to start the new half-term.  A big thank you to everyone who completed the Autumn Art homework.  We were all very impressed with the quality of artwork.  Each class teacher has chosen a couple of short-listed pieces to go forward to be judged with the rest of the schools.  Good luck to everyone and once we know the winner we will let you know.


We have begun our 'Colour and Light' topic and have started our topic with lots of firework activities.  We have been learning about Diwali, Bonfire Night and exploring the sounds fireworks make. 


Whilst learning about Diwali we had a traditional Indian dance workshop.  We learnt some moves and performed a mini routine to the rest of the school.


'Diwali has candles' said Merryn from Chestnut class.


'Fireworks go there for Diwali,' said Sam from Chestnut class.


'(When it's Diwali) you dance and eat Diwali food,' said Zac and Florence.


Chestnut Group One went to Forest Schools and had a great time exploring the changes in the environment and making some beautiful nature clay prints. 


We will be sending Maths homework home.  Please check your child's book bag and complete at your leisure.  Please initial or add comments in the homework book once completed. 


Don't forget on Friday 11th November it is our sharing assembly.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

17th October

Autumn is here and we have been exploring the changing seasons with a range of activities including colour mixing, hibernating animals and an autumn scavenging hunt.

Have a good half term!

Picture 1

We have all enjoyed our first week at school and have been learning the class rules and making new friends.  We are talking about 'Ourselves' and our families and would like to display photographs of important people and our families in the classroom.  Please could you bring in a copy of a family photograph to be displayed in the classroom within the next few weeks.  Thank you.

Don't forget on Wednesday it is our Curriculum Evening (7-8pm).  Please try to attend - we will provide more information about what and how we teach in the Early Years.  

On Friday (16th) all the children will be in for the full day. We recommend you have a snack for the end of day, as often the children need a little something to keep them going by that point!


Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!