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Parents Forum Meeting - Friday 18th November 2016.

Mrs Prince was delighted to be joined by a Governor, Mrs Leaver, along with 7 mums and a dad.  Thank you all for attending.

The discussion was mainly around our Nursery provision, which we are currently focused on.  With the impending changes to Nursery hours we are taking this opportunity to analyse how our provision currently works, and are considering how it will look in the next academic year.

We discussed the questions sent out recently about our Nursery provision, and were able to canvas the opinions of those parents who used our Nursery along with several who did not.  The consensus of opinion was that the provision is of a very high quality, and the face that it is able to cater for ability groups was a real bonus. 

We discussed what the provision would look like with a single intake in September, and hopefully doubts and concerns were allayed through our discussions.  We will keep everyone updated as our planning comes together.

Other matters covered were:

Lime parents wanting to be forewarned of my absence from class - please watch out for a note on the window.

Clarification on Year 2 spellings, and some discussion about the choice of words - I will seek clarification from the Year 2 team.

Bug Club - still in operation for Year 2, no changes made to logins etc.

PTA - really struggling with committee members - so if you have the inclination please do volunteer your time, services, expertise, man/woman power!

In school activities - we have been asked to provide a reference point on the website where parents can visit and sign up for volunteering slots.

The Choir was discussed, and happily lots more children have come forwards, and will hopefully have handed over their letters to eager Mums and Dads!

Flu vaccinations will be happening on Wednesday, 23rd November.

Water bottles - should be staying at school all week, we will clarify this with the teachers.

The car park is rather leafy at present, but it is not our remit - it belongs to the clinic.

Road safety came up - and it was suggested that a 20 mph zone outside school would be a real boost to safety.  Having spoken to Ms Archer, she is going to email Theresa Heritage - a Junior Governor, and  County Councillor who has friends and can influence this area of the local authority remit.

Next meeting tbc.

The Parents’ Forum is a group of parents who meet the Head teacher and a Governor in order to provide helpful, up-to-date feedback on life in school.  It is useful to have parents from all year groups taking part and if it is possible for someone from each class to come along, these parents can act as representatives for others and gather views from the larger parent body to bring along to meetings.  Email addresses are circulated, so that parents can contact members of the Forum and ask them to raise specific issues or make comments on their behalf.

The meetings have an agenda, drawn up by the Head teacher.  These agendas enable the school leadership team to gather feedback and ideas on a wide range of issues.  Sometimes we use the results of the latest Parent Survey as a basis for discussion, following up on any areas of school life where improvements need to be made.  There is also plenty of time in the meetings to discuss any other business that parents wish to raise, and this often leads to some really interesting information for the school leaders present.  The parent perspective on what we do is crucial to us ‘getting it right’.

If you would be interested in coming along, please contact the school office.  The Forum meets half termly on Monday or Friday afternoons from 1.45pm to 3.15pm and the first meeting is planned for  Monday 10th October, followed this term with Friday 18th November.