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Nursery parents information meeting notes - 21st September 2017

Welcome to Nursery!

We have morning and afternoon Nursery sessions at The Grove; The teacher is Mrs Read with three Early Years Practitioners  Mrs Littlefair, Miss Wilding and Mrs Sriram.

Welcome to the Nursery blog. We will update our page weekly to share with you some of our learning and experiences that happen throughout our week and remind you of upcoming events. 


Nursery Diary Dates:


Feb 2018- last day of half term is Friday 9th February, back on Monday 19th February.



If you have booked a holiday in term time and have let the office know, please let the nursery staff know as well so we are fully informed. Thank you.


As we are a healthy food school we will no longer be giving out sweets for birthdays. If your child would still like to bring something to celebrate their birthday with their friends, we are suggesting a small cake or biscuit that the children can have at snack time after they have eaten their piece of fruit or vegetable.

We also ask that if you wish to bring a snack for your child at the end of the school day that it is not sweets but a healthy snack!

Thank you








Underground animals

Numbers and letters area- we looked at non-fiction books to find out facts about different underground animals. We also spoke about how we can use the internet to find out information. We looked again at Smarty the penguin who helps us stay safe online.


Creative area- we used our fine motor skills to create our clay hedgehogs. We rolled the clay and pinched to make the nose and spikes.


Exploration area- we spoke about what animal live under the ground and what they need to make their homes. We then used the tents, tunnels and animal masks to pretend to be underground animals.


This week we looked at worms.

Numbers and letters- We read the Superworm story and used story spoons to retell the story.


Creative- we using playdough and cray to roll out worms. We also made pipe cleaner worms using small hoops.


Exploration area- we dug for worms in the garden and made worm houses. We also had non-fiction books about worms and the children told us what they knew.

Our topic is under the ground We will have a different focus each week, looking at different things we would find under the ground. Next week we will be looking at the story Oliver’s vegetables and learning where vegetables come from.



We hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday. The children have enjoyed telling us about their time off and have settled back into nursery well J

Next week  08.01.18 we have asked for children to bring in a toy that moves, has buttons etc. to show and explain to us how it works.

Please ensure that your child brings in a toy as it will be part of one of their focus activities. Thank you


W/b 27.11.17

Topic- Christmas

In the exploration area this week we used fir cones to make a Christmas decoration. We had to put it onto some clay and paint it green. We then added glitter and a star on the top.


In the numbers and letters area this week we learnt how to use stencils. We used the Christmas stencils to make wrapping paper for our Santa’s workshop role play area.


In the creative area we drew/painted characters from the Christmas story.

W/B 13.11.17


Thank you for your donations to Children In Need! smiley


Topic- colour and light- Elmer


In the creative area this week we have made our own Elmer using mod rock.

Blue group and red group am used balloons to create their Elmer body.

Red group pm made a large scale Elmer. We filled bin bags with newspaper to create the head and body. We used milk bottles for the legs and newspaper and toilet rolls for the trunk and tail.

Yellow group used small milk bottles to create their Elmer.


We are waiting for them to dry and next week we will paint our patchwork on our Elmers.


In the exploration area this week we have been making a repeating pattern Elmer using coloured squares.


In the numbers and letters area this week we used an Elmer story stick to retell the story.

W/B 6.11.17




Topic- colour and light- Fireworks


In the creative area this week we created firework pictures using different media.

Yellow group used cut toilet roll tube, paint and glitter.

Blue and Red pm cut around cupcake cases and added glitter.

Red am used paint and forks to create their pictures.



In the exploration area we made big firework pictures in the tuff trays. We rolled balls in the paint and splattered glue and glitter. It was lots of fun!


In the numbers and letters area we spoke about the fireworks we had seen, what colours we saw and what noises they made. We then added pictures into our floor books.

W/B 30.10.17

topic- I can

This week the children have been showing us what they can do.


Creative area- this week the children have been showing us their cutting skills. We have been reminding them how to hold their scissors when cutting and how to hold them safely when walking with them.

In the exploration area this week the children have been practicing how to put their coats on by themselves. They have also been showing us their fine motor skills.


In the numbers and letters area we have been learning how to hold our pencil. We sang a song to help us then had a go at a fine motor picture. We also used star stickers to add the right number of stars to number rockets.


Please could all yellow group children bring in a pint sized milk bottle for next week (w/b 6.11.17) thank you.

w/b 09.10.17


This week we have been learning about the festival of Diwali. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita, and acted out the story together.

In the creative area we made Diva lamps using paper plates. We coloured them in and added decorations.

In the numbers and letters area we looked at Rangoli patterns. We used different shapes to create our own Rangoli patterns.

In the exploration area we were exploring with colours and how they can be changed. The children went on a colour walk, then used powder paints to colour mix.

Mrs Sriram’s daughter came in and performed a traditional dance.


Things you need to know.

Next week we will be putting out sign-up sheets for you to choose a slot for consultations which are after half term.



LAST YEAR 2016 - 2017 

Last entries from last year - a taste of the blog

W/B 26.06.17

Topic: rainbow fish

In the creative area this week each group created an underwater scene. We used lots of different media to create our pictures, for example, paint, tissue paper, coloured sand, sequins and coloured paper.


In the exploration area this week we explored water and ice. We had coloured water in the water tray and water ways. We had a race to see who could melt their block of ice first. It was lots of fun but very cold!


In the numbers and letters area this week we were adding scales to rainbow fish. The children had to recognise the numeral on the fish and add the right number on scales. We also added one more scale to the fish. The children were then asked to count all the scales on the fish and have a go at writing the numeral next to the fish.

W/B 19.06.17


Topic: camouflage


In the Exploration area this week we went on an animal hunt. We were given clues as to where the animals were hidden; the children were then given a challenge to complete before we collected the animal. The children then told us what they knew about the animals we had found.


In the numbers and letters area this week we drew pictures of our favourite wild animal and had to add a background that would camouflage the animal. The children were asked to think of something they would like to find out about the animal they had drawn. We then used the internet to find out the answer.


In the creative area this week we created camouflage pictures. The children had the opportunity to create their picture using collage materials, with paint or pencils. The children then added their animal to the picture to see if it was camouflaged.


We had lots of fun on our art day, we especially enjoyed getting really messy!!!

W/B 12.06.17

Topic- Father’s Day

This week we have been getting ready for our Father’s Day celebration.

The children have made biscuits and cakes in the creative area. Made cards in the exploration area and wrote the inside of their cards in the numbers and letters area.

The children really enjoyed our Father’s Day celebration, thank you to all the Daddy’s, Grandad’s and Uncle’s that came to celebrate with us. We hope you all had a lovely time! smiley

W/B 5.6.17

Topic: I can

This week the children have been showing us what they can do. In the numbers and letters area they have been counting and writing. In the creative area the children have been exploring textures and describing what they can feel. In the exploration area the children have been showing us their physical skills, talking about their bodies, using construction and small world.



  • W/B 22.05.17


Our topic this week was: Growing- ourselves



In the creative area we drew self-portraits using pastels. Looking carefully in a mirror to make sure they chose the correct colours for their facial features.


In the exploration area the children showed us what they can do with their bodies. We did jumping, running, hopping, skipping, and using different bikes and lots of other activities.


In the numbers and letters area we looked at the children’s baby pictures. We tried to guess who the baby was. The children then drew a picture and said what they could do as a baby and what they can do now they are older.


We hope you have a lovely half term holiday.


W/B 15.05.17


Our topic this week was: Growing



In the creative area we made observational drawings of fruit and vegetables. The children were encouraged to look carefully at the colours and shapes. We also did fruit and veg printing with paint.


In the exploration area created a cress potato head. The children decorated their potato head with button, pipe cleaners and pens.


In the numbers and letters area we did a floral dance. We placed lots of flowers with numerals on around the carpet. The children danced around to the music, when the music stopped they picked two flowers. They then had to put the right amount of cubes on their flower to match the numeral. They then combined both flowers to find the total number of cubes.

W/B 08.05.17


Our topic this week was: Sunflowers



In the creative area we looked at Van Gogh’s Sunflower painting. We used spoons and forks to create the flower shapes.


In the exploration area we planted sunflower seed and spoke about what a flower needs to grow.


In the numbers and letters area we measured sunflowers using unifix cubes. Counted one to one and spoke about the tallest and shortest.

W/B 01.05.17


Our topic this week was: frogs


In the creative area we made 3D frogs using paper plates, paper cups and card. The children folded strips paper to create the legs on the frog. They then used different joining materials to attach all the pieces to the plate/cup/card.


In the exploration area we were practising our jumping skills. We jumped around the garden with our feet together, pretending to be frogs. We also practised jumping off of an object safely, bending our knees as we jump and land.


In the numbers and letters area we were counting frogs into the pond matching the quantity to the numeral. We worked on 1 more and 1 less than a given number. We also sequenced the lifecycle of a frog, trying hard to work independently.