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Welcome to Nursery!
Future Events

Art Gallery Evening - 23rd October 5-7pm This is an opportunity to come and see what the whole school has been up to in art week.

October 2014
Week beginning 20/10/14 - Art week - Mondrian

Please can everyone bring in their favourite book to share with the rest of the class. Please make sure they are named. Thank you

Exploration area:

Creative area:

Numbers and letters area:


Week beginning 13/10/14 - Little Red Hen

We began our week with a fantastic visit to Mill Green museum. Thank you to the adults who came and helped us. It is very much appreciated.
The children really enjoyed the morning and the next day told us all about their visit while looking at the photos which had been taken of the day. While we were there the children visited the mill, made some bread, listened to the little red hen story, made badges, and played with grain.

Exploration area: This week we have had the big books and story masks from the little red hen available for us to explore. We also made salt dough and then created how diwali diva lamps so that they are ready for our Diwali topic after half term.

Creative area: In the this area we practised our cutting skills by making character masks from the little red hen story. We also had the opportunity to make little puppets.

Numbers and letters area: While the children worked in this area we used the IWB to act out the story of the little red hen, using masks to become the characters. Some of us were able to use our actors voices to sound like the different animals. We also made little red hen story books. We tried to sequence the story pictures in the correct order and then retold the story.

WANTED: Please can we have any empty roller deodorant bottles and also newspaper. Thank you.

Week beginning 06/10/14 - My family

Exploration area: This week we have been looking at the different ways that we can move toys; pushing, pulling, battery operated and pressing buttons. We also used a screw driver to build the vehicle construction.

Creative area: We all created a family album. We used pastels to draw each member of our family. These are on display in our room.

Numbers and letters area: This week we have been sorting a variety of objects using different criteria.

WANTED: Please can we have any empty roller deodorant bottles and also newspaper. Thank you.

September 2014
Week beginning 29/09/14 - My body
Exploration area:
We have been exploring the garden this week, looking at our fish, sensory area and we have been using lots of different balancing equipment.

Creative area: This week we have been using our hands and fingers to paint. We tried to use descriptive language to describe how the paint felt.

Numbers and letters area: This week we played lots of games where we had to take turns and follow instructions. The children were also introduced to their name cards and we were practising writing our names and using large movements to create patterns using the big marker pens.

WANTED: Please can we have any empty roller deodorant bottles and also newspaper. Thank you.

Week beginning 22/09/14 - Myself
Every Friday we have have whole class maths time. This is adult lead and the children have an opportunity to work independently by themselves or with their learning/talking partner.
'Friendly Friday' The children are encouraged to choose a new friend to play with for a short period of time. Choosing time is extended on this day so the the children can visit new activities or get a chance to consolidate previous learning.

Exploration area: outside we have practising our balancing skills using balance beams, stilts and balance boards.

Creative area: This week we have had the opportunity to experience dough, corn flour, seeds and pulses at the sensory table. We also made a collage of ourselves using a variety of different materials.

Numbers and letters area: This week we have been learning to recognise numbers and counting 1:1 using numbers 1-5. We also helped Tom (puppet) to count the washing on Mrs Mopple's washing line and ordering numbered T-shirts on the IWB (Interactive white board)

Please can we have any empty roller deodorant bottles and also newspaper. Thank you.

Welcome to all our new children and families.
We have been very busy in our first two weeks. The children have done really well with coming into the nursery at the beginning of the session each day. They have enjoyed exploring the environment both inside and outside the nursery.

Exploration area: Each day the children have had a variety of resources to play with. We have been practising our gross motor skills and we have been over to reception class to use their play trail.

Creative area: We have been looking at the variety of resources available within this area and learning how to access them independently. This week we all drew a self portrait and hopefully they will all be on display by next week. Please feel free to come into the nursery and have a look.

Numbers and letters area: This area has lots of different resources. all our maths and literacy resources are accessed here, along with our desk top computers and interactive white board. The children have an opportunity to choose from a variety of small world toys and the reading area.

Thank you to everyone who brought in a baby photo. It was good fun trying to guess which picture belongs to which child. These will be on display, maybe your child would like to share these with you.

Please can we have any empty roller deodorant bottles and also newspaper. Thank you.

Next week we will be starting our topic 'Ourselves'

Summer 2

15/07/14 - Sports day and picnic - This is a family event so everyone is welcome. Please make sure you have received your email/letter.
22/07/14 - Last day of nursery

Next week we are taking part in a whole school art event and will need donations of fruit and vegetables. Please look out for a list. Many thanks

Week beginning 07/07/14

This week we have been carrying on our keeping healthy topic looking at exercise.
We have been practising our sports day events. Please make sure your child is appropriately dressed leggings/ trousers and shoes for running. The children are very excited and looking forward to taking part on Tuesday. Everyone is welcome. Please do not forget their picnic.

We are hoping to set up a new role play area. We are looking for resources for a hair dressers. For example empty shampoo bottles, hair brushes, clips, hair bands, rollers or anything else you think might add to the area. If you are having a clear out over the summer we are also looking for costume or children's jewellery too. Many thanks.

Week beginning 30/06/14

This week we have continued to learn about healthy eating and vegetables.
We have seen
some very interesting vegetables this week. Thank you to everyone who brought something in to share.

We also have been busy chopping a selection of vegetables to go with our dips. Snack has been very popular!

We have been looking at a variety of artists who have painted pictures using vegetables and we have tried to recreate our own pictures.

This week has been very warm. Please can we remind everyone to make sure your child has a hat with them every day and that sun cream has been applied before they come to nursery. Many thanks.

This week we have had an opportunity to try out a variety of different sports. Tri golf, athletics and the Frisbee. All the children had a great time. A big thank to Mr Delaney who provided this for us.

The children have been so excited about their reception visits. They all had a great time and were keen to share their experiences with us when they returned to nursery.
Week beginning 23/06/14
Everyone had a fantastic time at art day. Thank you so much to everyone who came to help. We are not sure who had the most fun the adults or the children!


This week we have been looking at fruit and healthy eating. We have made fruit smooties and fruit kebabs. They were very yummy! We printed with apples and did observational pastel drawings of a variety of fruit. Thank you to the children who brought in fruit to share. We especially enjoyed the physalis.

Week beginning 16/06/14
This week our topic was trees

Creative Area: This week we have been recreating trees and making our leaf rubbings.

Exploration area: In the garden we have been leaf detectives and trying to find out which trees the leaf came from. We also created a 'art attack' tree using a variety of natural resources.
We have really enjoyed our new stage area (By the white board) Lots of musical and shows have been performed this week. We are sure we have some budding singers and actors among our children.

Numbers and letters area: This week the children have been sorting by different criteria and making 3D shape house for our toy animals.

Week beginning 09/06/14
The children really enjoyed making cakes for the Father's day celebration this week. It was absolutely fantastic to see so many Dads and thank you for all the lovely comments about the day.

This week we have been learning about flowers

Creative Area: We have been using our observational skills to represent different flowers with a variety of media.
Exploration area: This week we deconstructed a flower so that we could investigate the different parts of a flower and talk about the role each part played in the flower. we were also busy planting our bedding areas and plant pots.

Numbers and letters area: We have been sequencing the life cycle of flowers and talking about the different parts of a flower and what a flower needs to grow.
We have identifying numerals and matching quantity to the correct number.

Week beginning 02/06/14
Welcome back we hope everyone had a lovely break.

Over the next three weeks our topic is ‘Growing’

This week we have been learning about seeds and what they need to grow.
Creative Area: we made seed collage using a variety of different seeds. (some of which are on display in the classroom) We were also sorting seeds by type and making seed packets for our role play area.

Exploration area: We were planting our beans and peas and learning what a bean needs to grow.

Numbers and letters area: We watched a power point 'What plant needs to grow' and then took part in a quiz. We showed really good learning as we got all the questions right!
During this week we used the telephones to call each other, we had to take messages and write them down. we were using 2D shapes to create pictures and playing lots of number games where we had to recognise numerals.

This week the children have been busy finishing off their surprise for their Daddy. They are very excited and looking forward to your visit.

Week beginning 19/05/14
Letter sounds Ww, Xx and Yy

Lots of smiley faces for our photo session on Monday. We are looking forward to seeing the results soon.

The children had a great time at the speed mark on Tuesday. We are sure we have some budding footballers in the making. In morning nursery Kieran and Lindsay had the top speed recorded and in the afternoon it was James and Grace L. So while done to all the children who took part.

The children had a fantastic time on Thursday when we went to visit the duck pond. It was quite a long way and the children did really well to walk there and back. While we were there we acted out the story of 'We're Going on a bear Hunt', played the ring game 'Isn't it funny how bears like honey?' and went to see the baby ducks. Thank you to all the adults who came along to support us.

Please can we ask the 'triangle' children to bring in 3D shapes from home these can be objects from around the home or any packaging from food etc. Also can we have your old newspaper, any small plastic plant pots. (Clean if possible) and any artificial flowers for our garden centre.Thank you.

This week's topic has been ponds and frogs and we have been involved in a variety of activities.

Numbers and Letters area: We watched a power point called 'Mummy, where do I come from' (a life cycle of a frog). We retold the life cycle of a frog using sequencing pictures and we were counting frogs and writing the correct numeral to match the number of frogs.

Creative area: This week blue group have been finishing our pond display by adding fishes and ducks. Yellow and red group have been making zigzag frogs and collage frogs.

Exploration area: We have revisited our mini beast log pile, recording all the mini beasts that we have found. We have really enjoyed this week in the garden as we have had lots of sunny days.

week beginning 05/05/14
Letter sounds Vv and Tt

Thank you to all the adults who have volunteered to come and help in the garden on May 15th.
At long last our nursery gate has been replaced. The white board will be moved next week.

From Monday can lunch club parents please drop off and pick up from inside the old green gate. This is to stop people going on the school playground when the older children are using it. Thank you.

We have had another delivery of caterpillars. The children have been comparing them with the ones we already have. The first set are now in their cocoons and have been transferred to their new butterfly home. Please feel free to come and see them.
This week our topic has been worms.
Numbers and letters area: This week’s focus in this area is length. We have been ordering objects by size and trying to use language short, longer and longest.
Following on from last week’s maths we have been busy making repeating patterns using a variety of objects and pictures. We were using white boards and grapheme cards to write letters and draw pictures that begun with our chosen letter.

Creative Area: Again we were looking at size by making dough worms of different lengths. We were creating mini beast pictures using finger paint. (Some will be on display in our maths area). Some children were very brave and played with our earth worms. (Spaghetti in brown paint). We made worm puppets using old socks. We put on a show using the theatre and some of us told a story using our worm as the main character of the story.

Exploration area: This week we have been on a worm hunt. We found the worms in all kind of places. We made a womery using soil, sand, and leaves. Do you know that worms really like banana skins?

Week beginning 28/04/14
Letter sounds Jj and Aa


Our garden is in need of some love and attention. We are looking for some willing adults who can spare some time to tidy and cut back the plants and shrubs and make our garden look more welcoming to all. We already have some kind volunteers coming in on the 15th May. If you also feel you can spare the time please come and see one of us. We would be really grateful for any help and support that you can offer.

The children were very excited at the beginning of the week when we had a special delivery of some caterpillars. We have been watching them all week and they have already doubled in size.

This week our topic has been Ladybirds. We have read some really good books… what the ladybird heard, the bad tempered ladybird and the lazy ladybird.

Numbers and letters area: This week we have we have been busy practising our number skills. We have been ordering, matching and counting ladybirds.

Creative Area: We made flying ladybirds, drew ladybirds using pastels and made a show using our mini beast finger puppets.

Exploration area: This week we were explorers in search for mini beasts in our garden. We found lots of different mini beasts hiding in a variety of places. We recorded our findings and then drew what we had found.

Week beginning 21/04/14
Letter sounds Ll and Ss

Welcome back after our Easter break. We hope you didn’t eat too many chocolates!
We would like to welcome our student teacher Miss Buckler to our nursery team. She will be with us until the end of term.

Our garden is in need of some love and attention. We are looking for some willing adults who can spare some time to tidy and cut back the plants and shrubs and make our garden look more welcoming to all. If you feel you can spare the time please come and see one of us. We would be really grateful for any help and support that you can offer.
This half term our topic is mini beasts and life cycles.
We have begun the term by looking at butterflies and especially one of our favourite stories “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”
Numbers and letters area: We have been busy making our very own story book of the hungry caterpillar. We are learning how to sequence the story pictures and to use story language to describe the events in the correct order.

Creative Area: We have been making painted butterflies and peg clip butterflies. On the sensory table we have been using play dough to create mini beasts.

Exploration area: So much has happened in our garden over the Easter break so we went on an investigation around the garden to find all the new life.

On Friday we were very lucky to have some Brazilian dancers come to visit the whole school and the nursery really enjoyed taking part in the workshop. Please come and see the photos on display.

Week beginning 31/03/14
Letter sounds FF (end of word) and F

This week we were looking at things that fly
Letters and numbers area: We looked at a power point of places around the world and then we drew pictures of where we would like to go and talked about what we would like to do there.

Creative area: We used red, blue and yellow paint to make bubble prints. We talked about the colours and what happened when the colours mixed together.

Exploration area:We made spinning men, blew bubbles and played with balloons.

Triangles - The children brought in 3D shapes from home and they talked about the properties of the shape.

Letters and sounds:
Triangles - This week we were playing matching pairs and describe it (initial sound games)
Circles -Were playing games and activities linked to this week's letter sound Ff. Each week the letter sounds are introduced on a Monday and the children can bring objects in on Tuesday and Wednesday.



Week beginning 24/03/14
Letter sounds Bb and Hh

Thank you so much to all the Mothers who were able to join us this week for our Mother's day tea. we hope you enjoyed your visit, the children were so excited to see you!

Also to all the the 'triangle' parents who have been able to join us for the look and see sessions. we hope this gave you a little insight into your child's day.

There are two clip boards available for your comments both on the Mother's day tea and the look and see sessions. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas as we value feedback. Many thanks.

This week our topic has been on the water
Letters and numbers area: This week we watched a power point and talked about the differences and similarities between old and and new transport. We also played a game on espresso where we found the initial sounds of CVC words. we played games where we had to recognise different 2D shapes and numbers 1-6 on the dice.

Creative area:We were colour mixing this week with different shades of blue and white paint to create the back ground to our sea pictures. When they were dry we added different materials to create a sea collage. Yellow and red group took their pictures home and blue group's pictures are on display in the classroom. We also drew pictures of different kinds of boats.

Exploration area:Even with all the rain we have had this week we have managed to get out in the garden everyday. This week we have been learning about sinking and floating. We experimented with lots of different objects to find out which ones floated and which ones sunk. we are beginning to try and make predictions of what might happen.We had the guttering out again this week and used them to pour water down. We had to think of where to place the guttering in order for the water to pour from one to another and finish up in the bucket. Most of the time we succeeded although the bucket had to be refilled a few times! We also played sink the boat and a fishing game.

Triangles- This week the children were learning about working in partners, taking turns and sharing ideas and resources. They played the game follow the leader.
Triangles - This week the children were introduced to four 3D shapes, sphere, cylinder, cube and cone. We looked at the shapes and tried to think of what they reminded us of. Some of the ideas that the children came up with were balls, tin cans, boxes and ice cream cones. Please can the children bring in something that is one of these shapes for next Monday's maths lesson. Thank you.
Circles - This week the children were talking about size. We looked at a power point about a fish who was measuring his friends. We then worked with our talking partner to sort big and small objects. To finish the activity we ordered three objects by size.

Letters and sounds:
Triangles - This week we were playing hoops. We were sorting objects by their initial sound - by hearing them in the word and then trying to find the correct grapheme.
Circles - Were playing games and activities linked to this week's letter sound Bb and Hh. Each week the letter sounds are introduced on a Monday and the children can bring objects in on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Week beginning 10/03/14
Letter sounds CK (Word ending) and E

This week we continued our topic about trains
Letters and numbers area: We were using the interactive white board to create trains made from 2D shapes. We had to use the pen to move the shapes around the board to make the train and then we were learning how to print our pictures out. We made some great trains which we took home to show our families.

Creative area:In the creative area we were printing trains using 2D shapes and drawing trains with pastels. Some of which will be on display in the classroom.

Exploration area:This week we have practising our skills in balancing our body. We used our new balance beam, wobble boards and stilts. It was quite difficult but we all tried hard and soon our skills began to improve.

Triangles- had great fun playing the traffic light game. They had to stop and go when given different signals.

Triangles - have been developing their skills in calculation by adding two small groups of objects to find the total number.
Circles - were naming 2D shapes and trying to use language to describe the shape. We played guess the shape.

Letters and sounds:
Triangles - were looking at alliteration We played I spy using the children and also objects. We were trying to think of words that had the same initial sound as our name.
Circles - Were playing games and activities linked to this week's letter sound CK and E. Each week the letter sounds are introduced on a Monday and the children can bring objects in on Tuesday and Wednesday

Week beginning 03/03/14
Letter sounds Cc and Kk

This week was book week. Our book has been ‘The Train Ride’. So we have been doing lots of activities around trains and journeys.
Letters and numbers area: We watched a power point of the story the train ride on the interactive white board (IWB). We then sequenced the story using story pictures and retold the story to our adult.
Creative area: We all made a 3D model of a train using a variety of resources. Yellow and blue group took their models home. All of red group’s models are on a display in the class.

Exploration area: We set up a role play train in the garden and the children made up their own stories about a train journey.

Maths time: Our focus this week has been positional language

Letters and sounds focus: Triangles - rhyme
Circles – games and activities linked to this week’s sounds Cc and Kk

Week beginning 24/02/14
Letter sounds Gg and Oo
Blue group bloggers are Olly and Austin

This half term our topic is transport. Each week we will be looking at a different form of transport.This week we did lots of activities with our feet

Letters and numbers area: we looked at poems about our feet, we wrote our own poem about feet and measured things using our feet.

Creative area: We really enjoyed painting our feet and making prints. We talked about how the paint felt and what happened to the colours when two were mixed together. We also made Mr feet characters by drawing around our feet.

Exploration area: We had great fun marching in paint with our wellies and making footprints. We were looking at the shapes and colours we created. We also practiced lots of skills such as balancing and walking on stilts.

Maths time: Our focus this week has been 2D shapes.
Letters and sounds focus: Triangles - rhyme and circles - this weeks letter sounds.
Olly says..."I was playing with the football-you can boot the ball! I was kicking and throwing the ball."
Austin says..." I liked painting my feet. It felt slippy and cold - I made footprints on the paper."

Week beginning 03/02/14
Letter sounds Ii and Nn
Yellow group bloggers are Jacob and George T

Forest school meeting for January children - Friday 7th Feb 11.00am and 2.45pm

Please can blue group children bring in a toy with moving parts this week

As part of our language activity this week we will be talking about interesting facts about space. This could be a fact, a book or a photo. Thank you
Red Group were in the numbers and letters areas this week and they were busy playing games to encourage their counting skills, number recognition and developing their mouse control on the computers.

Yellow Group had a very messy week in the creative area we made 3D flying saucers and designed our own aliens. (see photo) Some of them looked very strange and made us laugh. The children had an opportunity to talk about their models. We also played with space gloop (especially delivered by Q pootle 5 when he crash landed on earth.

George T says... "I liked playing with Barnaby. We were playing jumping numbers. we had to jump on different numbers. I liked making space ships. I put one alien on mine.

Jacob says... I liked making my alien, he had a little bottom. I used eyes, arms and legs. It was perfect. I liked playing outside. We were playing chase the robbers. I was playing it with Ellie and George H."

Blue Group were in the exploration area and were making space rockets with the crates and planks; Decorating their 3D clay aliens (see photo) and each child had an opportunity to talk about it with the rest of their group. We saw lots of fantastic space rockets made from a variety of construction bricks. They also were investigating the magnets and talking about their moving toy which they had brought from home.

Week beginning 27/01/14
Letter sounds - Tt and Pp

This week we have begun our topic on space.
Yellow group have been in the numbers and letters area and they have been busy mark making, playing number games and using crickweb on the computers and interactive white board.
Blue group have been in the creative area and have been designing their own aliens using paint and clay and making 3D rockets.

Red group bloggers are George H and Ellie

George says... "I really enjoyed playing outside this week. I also liked looking at the board (IWB) we watched space."
Ellie says..."I liked playing our letters and sounds game and I liked playing in the space area (role play)
Week beginning 20/01/14

This week we have been busy getting to know each other, learning nursery routines and exploring the different areas in the classroom. The children have taken part in Mrs Annison's music session, PE and assembly, all of which take part in the main school hall. Please look at the nursery time table on the window in the nursery garden and if you want to know what your child has been doing each day please look on the white board, by the back door.
Week beginning 13/01/14

Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th - New children only
Wednesday 15th - older children only. Parents are welcome to join us in a cup of coffee from 10.45

week beginning 06/01/14
Welcome back to nursery we hope you all had a lovely break.
Friday 10th - New children only.
We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new nursery staff. Mrs Sriram who is our new Early Years Practitioner who will be looking after red group; Mrs Prince who is our learning support assistant and will be working in the afternoon nursery session and Miss Dockerill who will be covering PPA time.
This week Mrs Miller, Mrs Littlefair and Mrs Sriram have been busy visiting all the new nursery children

Week beginning 09/12/13
letter sounds are - Vv and Xx
Bloggers are - Sammy and Zach

Please can we have a named carrier bag for each child. Thank you.

This week we have been very busy making our Christmas decorations
Zach says..." I liked making my Christmas decoration, I liked my stocking, it was blue and it had sequins on it. Today I was building with my friends. We used lots of bricks. We made a ball track,the balls went down it and under the table and I tried to catch it."
Sammy says..." I liked the garden. I played on the bikes and the water. I was tidying the leaves and the sand. I liked singing in the Nativity play and I am a wise man. I made lots of stars and I made an angel. I stuck a photo of me on the angel."

Week beginning 02/12/13
letter sounds are - Uu and Ww
Bloggers are - Tobias and Ella

This week's topic is Christmas
We are looking for a big box to use in our role play area. If you have one can you please let a member of staff know. Many thanks
We have sent home the children's clothes bags as we no longer need than at nursery.
The children have all been busy making their Christmas cards this week. If you haven't already please look at the lists on the white board to see what part your child is playing in the Nativity play.
Please can you look at your emails as there has been some changes to January dates.
Tobias says..." I liked playing with the toys. I played with Danny. We played with the dolls house. We played outside and we played running."
Ella says... " I liked playing in the house in the garden. We played with the tea set. I played with Margot. I liked drawing, I draw everyday. I made a Christmas tree today.

Week beginning 25/11/13
letter sounds are - Ss and Tt
Bloggers are - Sophie and Darci

Thank you for all the the objects and interesting facts that the children bought in this week. The children enjoyed telling us all about them and answering the other children's questions about them.
This week the children have had opportunities to make a Vincent van Goghs starry night picture, lanterns and Christmas trees
Darci says..."I liked music with Mrs Annison. We are learning songs about Mary. My favourite is Hammer, hammer, hammer. I drew some pictures, one was a witch. I made a Christmas tree. I had to make some prints on it. I did some puzzles to help Mrs Miller to sort them out."

Sophie says... "I liked going outside I was sweeping leaves, there was so many. I liked PE we were pretending to be fairies and giants. I liked the starry night picture, we didn't use paintbrushes. We used knives, spoons and cotton buds. We made lanterns too."

Forest School

Today was our last Forest School for this term. We had lots of activities to choose from. The children explored and investigated the Spinney. Some were role playing, 'Goldilocks and The 3 Bears,' using various resources this was a story they had learnt the previous week. They also listened to the story Stanley's Stick and created their own character from a stick learning how to secure things to it. The extra special treat was the hot chocolate and biscuits for our snack.
We know the children have had a fantastic learning experience as we have had many discussions in nursery with the children. If you would like to comment on any aspects of Forest School please leave a comment on the clipboard in the nursery garden or speak to a member of staff.
Thank you for all the help we have received over the weeks.

Week beginning 18/11/13
Letter sounds are - Qq and Rr
Bloggers are - Sophie and Darci - transferred to next week

Thank you to everyone who responded to our name the fish request. We had lots of good ideas the most popular being Tiddler, Finn, splashy, bubbles, Nemo and Goldie.
The children were asked to make one vote for their favourite name to help us choose the three names needed.
The winning names are... Tiddler, Finn and bubbles.

This week's topic is Winnie the Witch
What a busy week we have had. In the creative area the children have been bubble and blow painting and playing with cloud dough.
In the numbers and letters area we have been sequencing by size, practicing our name writing and writing spells
Outside the children were witches and wizards making potions from a variety of ingredients

week beginning 11/11/13
Letter sounds are - Nn and Pp
Bloggers are - Freya and Sam

Just a reminder that next Monday is the last week of forest school. Please dress for the weather.

This week's topic has been Elmer and his colours. All the children enjoyed the variety of activities available this week.
It was lovely to see so many children showing their support for children in need by coming to school in their pyjamas and donating to such a worthwhile cause. Thank you so much.
Sam says..." We were learning about Elmer. we had to hide him in the garden and then we had to find him.
I was learning numbers and letters. we counted Elmer's.
We had to choose three different things. I chose rings. We had to put them in the right order.
This week I went to lunch club. I like to talk to Lisa when I am at lunch club. I eat sausages, grapes, cheese and wraps."

Freya says... "I liked doing purple painting on squares. We are going to make a giant Elmer.
I liked the Elmer counting, I counted to ten.
Today we dressed in our pyjamas because it's a special day. We had to pay money to wear our pyjamas."

Letter sounds are - Mm and Oo
Bloggers are - Danny and Margot

This week we have been learning about fireworks
Danny says... " I enjoyed making firework things. I liked flick painting the fireworks. I really enjoyed the dark den, it's a square tent and it's quite dark inside. There are lots of things to light up. I like the wand and the ball, they change colours."
We also went to forest school. Some children made a crown. I played with the gruffalo and we had to tell the story book.
Margot says... "At PE we were fireworks and we had to go zig zaggy, we danced to the music. I sat beside Louis in assembly - It was someone's birthday. I am taking Harry bear home today, he's going to sleep in my bed."

Forest School
Monday 4th November
The weather has changed so we learnt about the animals that hibernate and build hibernating homes for our animal. Some of us collected autumn colour leaves to make a crown and we matched leafs. (Photos at bottom of page).
Monday 11th November
We will be reading the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and retelling the story using our own words.

Thank you.

Letter sounds are - Jj and Ll
Bloggers are - Rose and Florence
This week was a busy week for nursery forest school on Monday, cooking on Tuesday and Grand parent's day on Wednesday.
The children were busy cooking 90 cakes and 60 biscuits for our Grand parents. It was lovely to see so many of you. The children were so excited and have been talking about it all week.
In the class room we have busy learning about autumn, painting giant leaves and collecting autumn objects. If you are out and about in the half term holiday could you please collect some conkers for nursery we will be using them to sort by size and counting. Thank you.
Thursday and Friday were choosing days and the children were encouraged to access the room independently.
Don't forget next week is half term, so have a lovely time with your children and we will see you back on Monday 4th November.

A big request from us to you, please can you encourage your child to put on and take off their own socks, shoes and coat independently.
When we return after half term break we are going to encourage the children to be more independent in the morning and afternoon at the beginning of each session. Therefore can you please say goodbye to your child at the door. Thank you.
Florence says.. "We made cakes with flour, sugar, butter, apple and cinnamon for Grand parent's day. Granny and Granddad Ron and Daddy came. I played with them. We played games with them. We played what comes next."

Rose says ..."We went to the forest and the fairy just left us some fairy dust. I did follow it and I saw some eggs.
Grandma and Great Grandma and Great Granddad came to nursery and we played games and they had biscuits and tea."

Forest School
The children have started Forest School with great enthusiasm.
We learnt how to keep ourselves safe and well on our first visit. Putting out our boundary sticks really help us remember.

21st October With the weather being so wet the decision was made to stay nearer to school. the children looked at the colour and shapes of leaves, learning the names of trees sycamore,ash and oak. We used the leaves to collage a little red hen for our display. The highlight of the day was the Fairy Godmother leaving us a lovely story about her surprise tea party. She kindly left us some cakes for snack and ingredients hidden in the garden to help us make our cakes for grandparents day.
7th October: This week we went on a listening walk and Mrs Coot made us some very large ears to help us listen. We heard lots of interesting sounds including a blackbird and woodpecker hiding in the woods.
30th September: We learnt about textures collecting some fascinating rough and smooth objects for sorting and investigating. (Photos at bottom of page).

We have been really lucky with the warm weather but we must remember that Autumn is well and truly here and the children will need to be dressed warmly.


Week beginning 14th October
Letter sounds are - Ii and Kk
Bloggers are - Martha and Chloe

This week yellow group have been busy learning about 2D shapes. We have been making tap a shape pictures and using 2D shapes to create pictures. We have also been using the space bar and arrow keys on the computer.
Martha says " I enjoyed playing outside, I liked playing with the buggies and my friends."
"We went to the mill and we made bread we took it to Nanny and Gramps house and we ate it there. It was really nice. We played with the grain at the mill, I put it into pots and pans."

Blue Group Have been in the creative area this week and have discovering what happens when the mix different coloured powder paints. We have also been playing with the "The little Red Hen" small world and the children have been retelling the story using the props. On the dough table we have been making prints using autumn objects brought in by the children.
Chloe says "I liked mixing paints, blue and red it made a brown and then I added yellow and it made orange. It felt squidgy. I drew a picture of Mumma, she was blue and purple. I like the little red hen song, I liked saying the words.

On Friday the children had an opportunity to make pizzas with Mrs coot

Week beginning 7th October
Letter sounds are - Gg and Hh
Bloggers are - Maggie and Eve

This week yellow group have been busy creating our invitations for Grandparents day and learning our colours and discovering what happens when we mix colours. This week Maggie has enjoyed creating her flower using two colours to make a third colour.

" I put red in the yellow, then I mixed it up. Then the paint started to go orange."
Blue group have been learning about 2D shapes this week. They have been matching socks (Patterns) and using the IWB to match and sort by type and pattern.
This week's blogger Eve says "I did number counting with the persons, one person , two person, three person. We have also had to find things in nursery that were circles, squares and rectangles."
Eve has really enjoyed the outside space this week and Mrs Miller gave Eve a challenge to learn to bounce a big ball and to catch it. It didn't take Eve long to learn the new skill. well done Eve.

Week beginning 30th Sept

Letter sounds are - Ee and Ff
Bloggers are - Joseph and Henry

Well done to all the children for completing the sponsored walk.

In nursery we have been looking at safety in the environment and forest schools. The children watched a CBeebies DVD 'Hoof and Safety'. We spoke about how to be a safety ranger. The children came up with lots of ideas of how to stay safe.
This week we have been looking at our sense of touch and the children have had lots of opportunities to use descriptive language to describe different objects and materials.

BLUE GROUP have been in the creative area for group time and Joseph has really enjoyed making a picture of himself and experimenting with the textured paint.
YELLOW GROUP have been in the numbers and letters area and Henry enjoyed playing find the number, playing the teddy bear game and working on the IWB sorting different objects.

Week beginning 23rd Sept
Letter sounds are - Cc and Dd
Bloggers are - Eddy and Lily

This week nursery have busy learning about autumn and playing number games
Lily - This week Lily really enjoyed...
"I liked making Mr Leaf, I called it Holly like my sister."

"I liked going to the hall for music I learnt a new song "The bear went over the mountain."
On Friday in assembly Lily was given a brilliant sticker for being such a good friend and being thoughtful to the other children.

Eddy - This week Eddy really enjoyed...
"When I first came to nursery I liked playing with the train and now I like playing in the garden with the pushchair and climbing on the climbing frame."
This week Eddy has been playing lots of number games. He was able to recreate a flower number line beginning at number 1 and finishing with number 10.

Week beginning 16th Sept
Welcome to a new year at nursery. The children have been busy in their first couple of weeks with us, settling in, getting to know us and the new routines.

This half term our topic is “All about me”.
The children will have an opportunity to talk about and take part in a variety of activities where they can explore their senses, talk about themselves and their families. Don’t forget to look on the white board to see what we have been doing each day.

Each week some children will have an opportunity to have a learning leaf put on the learning tree. (Situated in the main school hall) On the leaf it says why the child has been chosen that week. (A copy of the leaf will be sent home with your child)

Every Monday the children are introduced to two new letter sounds. This week’s sounds are Aa and Bb. On Tuesday and Wednesday the children are invited to bring in objects that begin with this week’s sound e.g.. an apple for ‘a’ and a ball for ‘b’ Please look on the board to see what the sounds are each week.

Books bags are needed each Wednesday so the children can choose two new books to share with you at home.

Each week we will be choosing two bloggers for our nursery website. Hopefully they will be telling everyone what we have been up to in nursery that week.

This week's bloggers are: Catherine and Enayah
Catherine was very busy throughout the week making new friends and exploring the nursery resources.
Catherine made a smelly flower using perfume to make her flower smell nice.
"I like playing on the bikes with Henry. I went on a 'smelly walk' I found some lavender. We went to the hall for music and we did some singing."
This week Catherine went on the learning tree for sharing her thoughts and ideas with us.
"I enjoyed painting a thunder storm. I used green and blue, red and yellow and purple. I used colours for the sky, it was black because it was very, very dark it was going to rain.
We went on a 'smelly walk'. We smelt lots of flowers and we walked around the garden and talked about things that were dangerous and not dangerous.
I also did some writing, it was a shopping list and I took it when I went shopping."

Enayah has been busy taking rubbings of different textures we found in the garden and making smelly flowers.

Wanted: Newspaper, Boxes of tissues (lots of colds this time of year) and Small empty water bottles. Thank you


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We retold the story of the Little Red Hen.

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What can see and hear?

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Snack time.

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Look at me swinging.

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